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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day in kuala Lumpur

Any place to get a feel deserves more than a day, not always as the places i had been just for one daylike Beirut ,Singapore and now Kuala Lumpur did rub thier magic on me . Air Asia the budget arilines seems to be getting more popular with time they juggled me from the brand new Chennai international terminal to KL, you pay for everything in Air Asia of course so far not for the toilet or the smiles of the airhostess or for Air ,maybe with time as Tony gets wise ! I was real impressed with thier punctuality ,neatness and no nonsense attitude in fact to me it was better than the all business class Luftansa i had once travelled to Munich on my way to Stockholme , the teutonic grin more a grimace of the steward and his feminine counterpart even made the champagne they poured for my tasting sour . After all travelling specially short hauls what one requires are these merits instead of stale airlines food and short drinks which make your wallet much lighter and your guts more gaseous . The clear tone in Tamil rang out that we were reaching Malaysia shortly and then the captain spoke in English and Malay that we should be in malaysia shortly and added in sinister tones if anyone was found with drugs they would go on an one way flight to heaven or hell as destined ! it was midnight as I trudged out of the low cost terminal KL which appeared to be more of a combination between a crowded bus stand and a marriage hall with a duty free thrown in ! The sky buses were available 24 x 7 and were luxury volvos with my luggage safely shoved into its underbelly a sleepy me dozed off as the bus sped over deserted suburbs with drizzling rain ,getting down at KL central I got a cab to Tunes hotel another Air asia special for 20 ringitts which I brought down from 25 with my Indian genius of bargaining ,actualy many were surprised becuase 25 ringits was the normal daytime rate mebbe driver was sleepy ,keeping on its principles of spartanism Tunes was small but efficient neat and needed one to pay for anything and everything other than the small room since an online payment for the towels toiletries 24hr aircon and wifi TV had already been made we were upmarket customers and got the basics like any other hotel but at better rates . Morning saw us walking into the Independence sqaure where mounted policemen posed for the tourists in thier moving horses ,breakfast was a steaming Dosai in a Kedai !! lot of malay words emnate from Tamil ,I even found a shop with my name spelt twice HARI HARI that means day day we walked into the serene sunday morning mass of St Marys church and its green lawns slowly we made it to the metro rail station and got into a sleek train which sped us into the Batu caves . this was in a limestone hill 400 million years old ! the temple on top was Built by thamboosamy pillai in 1890 it attracts horded of tourists who climb the 300 steep steps for a panaoramic view of the city and also to pray at the Murugan temple dwarfed by hige stallacits and stalagmites on top . We too made it and and as we descended down found a small boy who tumbled down a couple of steps luckily he was unscathed and his worried parents heaved a sigh of relief when we examined the crying boy and declared him free of fractures and advised some ice packs for the boy and mebbe some ice cream too to stop his wimpering . we then took a monorail to Bintang jn which was like times square a happening place full of shops and definitely attractions to please all tastes
food in Malaysia is really a hot mix of several cuisines one can get Indian mostly Tamil ,Chinese ,Malay ,Indonesian ,vitnamese or Thai and of course the starbuckmcdonald kfc combines of yankee feed .
we took a cab to reach the PETRONAS tower but arrived a bit late to get up the viewing chamber in 64th floor so wandered in the spacious shopping mall rising to more than 10 floors ,heavy rain made us spend time till dinner at the huge food court and tucking into a hot kadai Chinese sizzler which hissed its way to our table ,after all that warmth we took a quick cab back to the Tunes and tucked into a restful slumber in the aircon paid online !!!

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