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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Women politicians

Women politicians are said to be less corrupt than their male counterparts ,I would take that with a pinch of salt knowing many examples which could disprove this theory
Are they more capable focused dedicated and action oriented
Are they more vindictive calculative and cunning in their manipulations or  more naïve
Do they have that sixth senseof female intuition to guide them  better
With the history of having a prime minister like Indira Gandhi who used to be called as the only Indian with balls we do feel so
She was a no nonsense women who would stand alone and give it to the many doubting Thomases who never made  any decisions in their lives
Her Italian daughter in law though giving an appearance of being a woman of substance is a master of backroom manipulations and string pulling through which she makes all her puppets dance to her tunes
A streak of narcissism exists in all women specially more in politician women
Mayawati the non glamorous uttar Pradesh politico spent crores to erect her own statues gazing into the skies while her downtrodden Dalit voters wallowed in poverty
Rabri Yadav now probably is counting the cattle to feed while her husband Laloo yadav plays marbles in Jail for cheating on cattle of their feed
 what an Yadav !
Sheila Dixit of Delhi is shaken with the Aam Aadmi which she had so far thought amounted to nothing after all aam aadmis are nobodies
The glamour good lookers like jayaprada jayasudha hema mailini  vijayantimala nafisa ali  add spice to an otherwise dull parliament ,other than this they serve little purpose
Heavy weights like Jayalalitha throw around their considerable weight to good effect as they frighten Karunanidhis  to hide behind his many wives
We should not forget foreign women politicians be it the enthralling Thai prime minister who could get most head of states forgetting what they came for during their détente conferences
Be it the   foreign minister of Pakistan by twiddling her eyebrows would send tremors into h er Indian counterparts

the austere Burmese freedom fighter  Aung sang or the globe trotting Hillary Clinton are examples of women who matter

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Meera's World said...

I agree, take that with double pinch of salt:)

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