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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Dollar and visa deities

pic from net courtesy of Besant nagar vinayagar temple
It all started with the Dollar Ganapathi in Brunei ,ensconced in a calm corner of the Ghurkha temple Serria ,Brunei I was enamoured by the dollar Ganapathi with a profusion of one Brunei dollar bills heaped around the deity ,it seems if one prays for some need sincerely putting a dollar there it could happen !
When I visited Chennai recently I heard of the Visa Ganapathi in Beasant Nagar who was popular for H1 visa applicants of the cyber world , a prayer here before one applied for the coveted American visa one could muster it with ease ,many are the stories of those who ignored it as superstition and finally swallowed their pride and humbly prayed and later got a visa !
Again in Besant Nagar area there is a temple called Arupadai Veedu. It has 6 small temples of Subramanya in this complex. Each small temple has lord Subramanya idol of each of his 6 main temples....Palani, Tiruttani, Thirukurakundram, Swamimalai...etc
In this temple, there is a Ganapati shrine..and that Ganapati is called New York Ganapati...
Thirumazhisai is away from Chennai it has a temple with the main deity of veetrindha Perumal who also has adept visa powers
America Anjaneyar sreenivasapuram bhakta Anjaneyar are all popular for visa accruements
the Khedia temple in Ahmedabad and one in New Delhi are also known for their visa powers
there is a famous CA Ganapathi who graces all CA applicants before their exams ,with the world moving into specialties the Gods too wont be left behind you see

In Hyderabad the Visa Venketeswara of the Chilkur Balaji temple near Hyderabad  is known for his popularity in getting visas one has to go around 11 times before and 108 times after one got the visa !
those embassy wallahs should be fuming at all this extra-terrestrial powers making their decisions !
this is unfair divine completion indeed

Of course behind all this is faith and to an extent some exploitation would take on such beliefs but if someone is sincere works hard and prays fervently for the supreme grace it could happen and none of their prayers are laughable
for those who call this idol worshipping there is only one answer
 it is actually worshipping the ideal behind the idol you see

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Ujwal Unni said...

I have had the luck to visit Chilkuru Balaji temple several times when i was in Hyderabad. I even took papa few days before he passed away. Chilkuru Balaji though a specialist for US visa is a powerful deity and is known to fulfill our hearts desires. doing a 108 rounds may look easy as its main sanctum is small but its time consuming bcoz of the crowd. its an amazing place and one of my favorite deities. I am sure going back to visit him when i am in India!!

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