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Thursday, November 01, 2012


When there is monarchy we have only one king and if he is good the country is happy like in the UAE
but in a democracy there are so many kings and if most of them are bad the country is unhappy like to a certain extent  in India .
over the years Indian politicians have lost thier ethics
Muscle money caste religion nexus dictates winners in elections so democracy turns a  a farce
of course people can still voice thier opinions freely but whistle blowers attacks are  on the rise and this too is becoming dangerous .
For the level headead law abiding citizen there is no forum to turn for justice , as instituions which tradionally uphold the constitution and fundamental rights flounder under pressure or pleasure ,
the politician over the year has become more bold even in the face of technologically smart media with its exposures he preens in his evil ways and gets away with it .
One thinks lack of education could be the cause as in most cited examples of the BIMARI states but Gods own country with its often acclaimed status as a fully literate one behaves the most illiterate .
The politicians  smug with thier assured vote banks  on caste communal connotations are arrogant and stoop to anything to achieve thier ends .
One fine example is the recent live ranting of a sub inspector of police by a congress party worthy his choice dialogues were spewed out in the full glare of the TV cameras as he snubbed the poor inspector who was doing his job by accusing him of putting on a  Suresh Gopi act while at the same time himself aptly  fitting the role of the screen villain politician very well .
the only difference in reality  is it is  the villain who wins here instead of the hero 
He victoriuosly has his say and needs fulfilled with some popularity thrown in by his circus acts admired by  his gloating puppets
in this  land of  great men  like shri Abdul Kalam Azad to whom modesty and humility come as a virtue we also have such leaders !
All thier non chalance would come to an end if met with a stern and fair leader who would stand no nonsense as bullies never thrive where there is fear but this state is only a daydream for every patriot and could never come true alas .


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Solid Hari

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Great Job .

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