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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

English Vinglish

Sridevi is an actress I have seen growing .
As a child she acted as  Murugan in Thiruvilayadal and grew up as a charming child artiste alongside an equally talented childstar Kamalahassan ,both of them would become one of the most succesful screen pairs later in life with movies like padinaru vayadinilee ,meendum kokila and moonram pirai  later taken in Hindi as Sadma .
Sridevi  became a succesful bollywood heroine and had acted in many other south and north indian language films
Now in her fifties married to Boney Kapoor with two daughters she  leads a blissful family life
 SriDevi has bounced back with her new film English Vinglish .

I think she set a standard with this for any comeback film .
 An elegant slim svelte Sridevi carries herself with aplomb speaking with her eyes and body language the emotions of a traditional Marathi housewife who travels to the  United States of America and to the big Apple itself with not knowing a word of  English and bearing a terrible inferiority complex because of this  .
Her travel is to attend and organise her nieces wedding in New York .
her  family in Mumbai would join  a month later .
Her teen daughter  is  a snob and never misses an oppurtunity to embarass and hurt her mother for her poor knowledge of English
her husband too subtly encourages the ridicule and indulges in sarcasm often
Sashi as she is known in the movie is an expert in cooking and her delicous ladoos are much awaited .in all functions .
she does a small catering business too.
Sashi is very anxious during her  flight to the  US but luckily she has a genial passenger sitting next to her in the flight  our very Amitabh Bachan  who gives her all assistance and the needed confidence to sail through

In New York Sashi learns about an english speaking class which promises to teach in 4 weeks spoken english and she joins it telling no one
the director has done a good job in scripting the characters  in the class ,
there is a happy go lcuky Pakistani driver ,a bespectacled square Tamilian who aches for his mother and for idli in that order  , a morose African who listens more than speaks , a plumpy Spanish maid who drifts to sleep all the time and  a chithcattering Chinese lass whom the Pakistani driver promptly  starts to charm from  the beggining and wins in the end .
and then there is that quite handsome smiling   French chef who is so  understanding and caring to Sashi and finally  falls in love with her !!
Sashi the traditonal Indian housewife wife loves her husband and family too much to succumb to such advances but traces of confusion are shown subtly by the director when she rebuffs the frenchmans affection .
David sir the gay teacher of the class is another intresting character .
The climax happens with Sashi winning all the way both in conquering English and also in love from a regretful daughter and husband who now realise her true value .
the big colourful indian wedding is there with all its dance song and rombustiousness .
during the weddding reception Sashi is asked to and  delivers a speech in slow but confident english and every single word comes from her  heart   on love and family and hurt
A  message not only to the new couple butto all watching the movie too
A delightful movie with no flaws
Sridevi has proved herself as a great actress and needs a national award for this

you have to see it.people ...... no xcuse


Maddy said...

We saw it last week, brilliant must see movie...
gladdened our heart

Kannan said...

Hi Hari,

A brilliant review for a brilliantly made movie. Sri Devi comes as a breath of fresh air with her facile acting when we have been suffocating with an overdose of Kareena Kapoors and Katrina Kaifs with their disgusting skin-show on our faces to make up for their total lack of histrionics!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, A small correction. Sridevi has not acted in Thiruvilayadal but in Agathiyar and kandhan karunai as child Murugan.

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