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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Krishna ..Dance Ballet

Sobhana is one south indian film actress I admire because she posseses a combination of  an aesthetic sense and etheral beauty which is rare .
The myraid emotions that lights up her face can come  only  because of her inherent  natural talent ,professional training and hard work over many years in classical dancing .
Holder of two national awards Shobana is well known for her creative choreography works as much as for  her histrionic capabilities in the big screen .
I had seen her fusion of dance with  her group of dancers in combination with a tabla maestro some years back .
In fact she was nice enough to do this programme as a fundraiser for our Shilpa Society society at Ernakulam fine arts hall .It  was a resounding sucess ,one thing that struck me then was her dedication to her passion
on that day as the evening grew the  crowd was waiting to get into thier seats
Shobana had told us not to allow anybody into the hall  till 6.30pm as she needed a final dress rehersal and I nervously looked into the hall ,she was up there in the stage admonishing and encouraging her dancers to thier best to the last minute ,at 6.30 pm sharp she allowed us to get the audience in and left to the green room ,in ten minutes the show started and she was there fully made up and looking lovely .
So when I got an oppurtunity to watch her latest ballet Krishna in Al Ain club cinema I was delighted ,thanks to my friend I could even get a front row VIP seat.

Krishna the supreme cowherd the lover of all good things but at the same time the greatest philosopher who existed  whose Bhagvad Gita is primordial and infinite in its sermon  of life .
To make a dance musical on such a pesonality with such varied dimensions is no easy feat .
Shobana had achieved this to perfection ,be it in her personification of the supreme diety ,her body language ,benign smile which conveyed   so much meaning ,her  subtle graceful connulations  of her slender hips ,every delicate twist of her lithe body ,every stance emoted every fleeting flush of her face  conveyed infinite meanings ,the flute lover the cowherd the lord of the Yadavas ,the advisor par excellence ,the schemer in the Mahbaharatha and the yogi who gets shot by the final arrow which ends the earthly life was depicted with so much sensitivity .,one could feel the presence of Krishna himself .
The dance team were no less in thier perfections be it the beautiful Radha besotted in her love for her Krishna  ,Arjuna whose baritone voice( voice given by tamil star Surya )  booms in righteousness as he faces the destruction ahead in he Great war while  he teeters on the precipe of indecison till his charioteer Krishna eulogises on Dharma in the immortal Bhagvad gita and gives him a glimpse of his supreme self as theMahavishnu himself .
the scene was enthralling and enchanting .
The lack of complicated props and scenes were  finely compensated by the  intircacies of the choreography ,the excuisite selection of the right musical tracks ranging from a cinematic Boombara bar  to the lilting strains of a Rahmans Lagaan  or the rumbustouness of Kathakali drums .
The small child who comes as the infant Krishna felling demoness boothana with an innocent mischievous smile makes one wonder where she got such an excellent talent in a child of that age .
It was a musical treat that whetted my sensibilites  
 I congragulate Shobana for her dedication in carrying the right notes of a culture so deep and ancient to the far corners of the world by this wonderful creation of hers

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bindu achu said...

I believe it was Lord Krishna's blessing on the very day of Guruvayur Ekadasi(a spiritual fasting practiced by hindu beliefs)itself got an oppurtunity to see the spectacular dance relating to the story of KRISHNA...still reviewing the performance of the great blessed artist.and the tiny cute krishna..if permitted i will really hug and kiss baby Narayani,Shobhana's daughter..the show was really a miraculous experienceto me.

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