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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ayallum Njannum Thammil

This recent Malyalam movie by Lal jose  Ayallum njanum thamil which means he and me explores the relationship between a senior and a junior doctor ,
Amritham Gamaya where the brilliant actor called Mohanlal acted to a script written  by the very legendary writer  M.T Vasudevan nair also fell into this genre ( Karamanna was the senior in that movie )

Being a part of the medical profession I am well aware of a relationship that can develop between two doctors one senior and the other junior it goes beyond thier professional skills and barriers and skirts on an emotional plane .
It takes time for such a platonic friendship or mentorship to evolve but it does happen as it has to me on two occasions
Me with Dr V.P Gangadharan about whom Iam yet to write a post
Dr Ahmed Ali who was my teacher in Kilpauk Medical college see post below ....

The movie has delved into the nuances of a doctors life with a lot of sincerity and it could do so well because one of its script writers was a doctor himself ,giving it an elelement of authenticity .
several times the decisons made by a medical professional could be used against him if things go wrong though the intentions would have been genuine and noble
the present reflex reactions of crowds on unhappy results in medical  treatement  by  physicially maiming doctors ( an urologist recently was stabbed to death in Abudhabi ) and venting thier anger on hospitals or clinics have spread virally specially in Kerala ,this is well depicted in the film .
A doctor can act for the best with his professional knowledge experience  and his skills guided by his conscience and the hippocratic oath which he takes on graduation but the results could be unexpected at times , deep trust between a pateint and a doctor is needed to accept such situations .
Matirealism  commercialistion of  medical courses  and protective medicine ( in fear of litigation and insurance ) has made a dent into the medical profession to a certain extent and created black sheeps just like in any other profession .
on the other side mistrust and hyperbole by vested intrests amongst patients and thier relatives who indulge in violence and vandalism have made the medical professionals feel like hunted specimens
in spite of such risks there are still doctors who take risks for good ends
Pratap Pothen in the film is  one such senior doctor and  a fine example to  a harassed junior doctor enacted by Prithviraj who matures from a chocolate romantic college hero into a grilled professional by the end of the film
The cool wind that graces his bearded countenance is like a blessing from his departed mentor who taught him by his deeds what all being a doctor really was .

a movie taken well
 please  see it


Paresh Palicha said...

Doc, superlike your take on this film. :)

devangana said...

What a noble professsion this is. Through Prathap Pothan's character we were able to understand the importance of this profession.

Maddy said...

am waiting for the movie to come, should be good.

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