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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mavericks in Indian politics

Indian politicians are mostly mavericks so the selected below are mavericks of high grade

Mamata Banerjee the fiery Bangla lawyer chief minister who single handedly axed the CPM out of the writers building in Kolkata ( the secretariat of west Bengal )which they had occupied for aeons .
Mamata fits in well with the label of a maverick
she is impulsive dramatic and an angry middle aged women fitting well  to the revelutionary fervour of the Bengali psyche .
The ultimatum she has given to the congress at the centre now could shake the polity a bit and could pave  way for future confabulations .
with all her imperviousness she is also a machiavellian politician whose larger ambiton would be to occupy the Primeministerial Gaddi in the near future .she knows the seat is up for  the gamble in the near future and she wants to be a possible contender .

Uma Bharati the inflamable sanyasin of the BJP would fit the maverik label well
be it her antics in Ayodhya ,or her challenging L.K. Advani himself  in her party or  by her robust speeches

 how can one forget Mayawati when we talk of maveriks
The great benefactor of the downtrodden and the lower castes had spend crores of rupees for erecting her own statues when her state reeled in poverty ,cooling her heels outside power for now the maverik would return anytime with a bang knowing our country

Jayalalitha the hooded empress of Tamilnadu continues to dance her way into the hearts of Tamils just like she did in  films years back 
She  never ceases to be the prime destroyer of her bete noir the dark goggled octogenarian polygamist Karunananidhi ,she is a maverick at times but also a mature stateswomen at other  times
most of the above examples   are females

this does not mean we have no male competiton 
the ancient Raj Narain  wh o was famous for defeating Indira Gandhi himself is a prime choice
from wearing sarees to drinking urine he has done it all
then of course we have our home bred Bihari Lalu himself who pu lts a front as a  country bum with a cleaver brain ticking  behind all along .
one can include Suresh Kalmadi who played the right and wrong  game in sports administration and made a packet for himself and his patrons in this group

cud have missed many more
as I  said difficult when the place is filled with mavericks

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