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Friday, September 14, 2012

Dr .K.K.Haridas ...condolences

Dr Haridas the eminient cardiologist of Amritha Institute of medical sciences Kochi,Kerala is  no more .
I learnt this recently and was very sad .
Iam neither a professional colleague nor a close friend of Dr Haridas but as he would have for so many people he had made a touch in my life not to be forgotten .
Years back when myself and my wife were still a young couple bewildred at the storm that life gave us after a fairy tale romance and marriage  had gone to CMC hospital vellore taking our young mentally challenged daughter  Shilpa .
We had gone there to find a surgical remedy for her Ventricular Septal defect better known in common parlalnce as a hole in the heart .
this was one amongst her many problems .
VSD some times closes spontaneously but if big  can produce ireversible changes leading to cardiac failure .
We did not want this to happen to our dear daughter .
Christian medical college is a well known tertiary referral centre in South India but the cardiolgist we saw there lacked the very organ which he was specialised in !
he discouraged us and asked us whether  it  was cost effective to do such a surgery for a mentally challenged child and  also confirmed  that as a policy CMCH  would not  waste thier time on such cases !
This angered us  and hurt us a lot ,
she was our child and it was our decison and who was he to  stop it .

so we went to Madras ( todays Chennai ) and met the very famous cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Cherian .
who was in vijaya hospital at the time .
cherian a man of few words sized the situation and also our hurt very quickly he also knew we would need some concessions for the surgery .
Dr Haridas was the cardiologist then in the same team and Dr Cherian entrusted us to him .
we still remember how Dr Haridas took us and showed us around and gave us words of encouragemnt  The surgery too went off well .
After a few years Shilpa too left us .

years later Dr Haridas came to Kochi joining Amritha hospital and we met him once .
We told him about Shilpas loss  and about the school we started in her memory ,he not only remebered Shilpa well but came to our school and donated a very useful physiotherpay equipment .

Dr Haridas was a brilliant student  erudite scholar and emininet cardiologist and also  son of the legendary Dr Krishnadas of Trivandrim Medical college .

it is unfortunate to hear Dr Haridas is no more .
May his soul rest in peace .


Dr.Rajeev Gupta said...

I am Dr.Rajeev Gupta,a Consultant Cardiologist presently serving in UAE.
Well I knew Dr.K.K.Haridas when he joined Vijaya hospital ,Chennai since 1989 when I joined at see Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology ,Trivendrum.As we used to meet at the scientific platforms so I was impressed with his academic brilliance and professionalism.He was a dedicated Interventional Cardiologist.I am sure he will be missed by his many patients and doctors like me.

devangana said...

Sorry to hear the news. My father too had also been treated by Haridas in Amritha. He ha three major blocks and had a byepass surgery which was expected to be very risky. The surgery became success and he lived with us a lot more years.

Prayers for his soul to rest in peace.

Coral Crue said...

Sorry to hear the treatment you were met out with at CMCH, it's a pain to hear and see such terrible hearless cruel doctors and I pray that no one has to go through what you and your young wife had to endear. Sorry to hear about Shilpa. It's very painful to lose a child.The world will miss Dr.Haridas, R.I.P sir.

Seshan Venkat said...

I like the humane side of my dear old schoolmate many years in the medical profession...specialising in oncology (probably the most painful of ailments afflicting mankind)...must 've witnessed so many miracle recoeries and equal if not more horror stories...

Great soul you must be for pouring out such compassion.....

For reasons beyond my cognition, I've somehow always felt that: "MAN COMES INTO THIS WORLD WITHOUT HIS CONSENT AND GOES OUT WITHOUT HIS WILL"

And when I think of departed souls I somehow started reminiscing the good times and the lessons they taught me when gthey were with me as cherished moments which will keep them alive forever in my memory....

prabettan said...

Tks for sharingg Hari !

Valliyil Vikraman said...

may his soul rest in peace

Dr Ravi Narayan said...

My name is Dr Ravi Narayan. I am married to Dr Rupa Ananthasivan who is his cousin.
Affly, he used to be called "Harianna" and we all understood his nature-- a no nonsense person and he means what he says and says what he means.
2 yrs ago I recall he called me to Cochin conference-- in his characteristic way-- he said-- you are giving the talk and yu and rupa are staying with me. I had no time to think or consult my wife--we and the children had a wonderful time with Hari, wife Annu and son Kaushik.
In Jan this year at his elder son's wedding he looked so cheerful--that his illness came as a real shock.
he was a workaholic and a tough taskmaster-- but he has put the dept. of cardiology at Amrita on the international map.
May his soul rest in peace and God give his family all the strength.

Anonymous said...

very sad to hear dr's was very much painful to all his patiants.he was very caring and friendly to all.i am also his patient.his diagnosing regarding my SBS ,Functional systolic murmer and PKD .he gave me very confident and takeaway my was how he treats his patiants.i dont know how aims going to make his absence...any way it was not able to write words about him..only to say dr's dismis was a great loss to all

Thanks & Regrads


Dr HiramaliniSeshadri said...

DrHaridas was Hari to us.I was his sister Sudha's fact we all grew up together...
Hari was a perfect gentleman even as a boy. He was a most dutiful son and did his best to please his parents. His one passion those days was the guitar; and he would take all the good humoured banter about his musical skills in his stride.
He sailed through MBBS and MD; and in Cardiology he excelled. He combined great qualities of the head and heart.
Dr TJ Cherian, the legend of Vijaya Hospital thought the world of Hari; and mind you, its not easy to impress TJC! Competence HAD to be combined with, dedication and compassion to win TJC's certificate of approval; and Hari was the epitome of these qualities- for he had inherited all those qualities from Prof.Dr KV Krishnadas, his Father! But he combined a softness that he inherited from his Mother Smt Kamala; his soft nature and speech endeared him to all.
We at Chennai wanted him to stay on but Amrita beckoned. Hari changed the Cardiology map of Kerala- Amrita became a centre of excellence; the hub of Cardiology in the state under his leadership.
Hari was simply too busy; he was a man in a hurry; but he disguised it all behind a charming smile.
Perhaps he knew he had miles to go and not much much to do.. in fact he compressed into his 54 years what others would have taken a century to accomplish..
His wife Anu was his strength, alter-ego,dream-companion..and his sons are chips off the old block.
Hari we shall all miss you. But this we know- you did SO MUCH for His children that you are for sure at the Lords Feet. In life you served the Divine come as Amma and the Divine come disguised as the afterlife surely you are with the Divine,sans disguises..
Hari, we salute you!
God Bless!
-Dr Hiramalini Seshadri

dipali said...

Dr.Haridas was part of our lives since we first met him 14 years ago at Amritha Institute. He helped diagnose and treat my husband who had a very serious heart condition.
We last met him 7 years ago- never thought that he would leave the world so young. My deepest respects to his memory, and heartfelt condolences to his family and to all his colleagues, who must be feeling completely bereft without him.

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Anonymous said...

know him deep-u see ajackal in sheeps fur.

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