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Sunday, July 25, 2010


After a long time I saw a good malayalam film .
Malayalam films a decade back were known for its excellent creativity and were also commercially satisfying ,this slowly degenerated into poor copies of other South Indian language masala films ( not thier good ones ) with dance and songs alien to Kerala roots !
Thankfully the Shakeela specials have petered down these days .
Loudspeaker a movie by director Jeyaraj known for his offbeat but commercially viable films was a delight to watch .

Mammooty the hero is a bumbling simpleton who has no verbal brakes and lacks volume control for his voice box .
He is a village bumpkin by name Mic from Thoprankudy a remote village in the fringes of a forest.
He regales people with his racy tales of encounters with lonley killer elephants ,
coming to the city for badly needed money to buy back a piece of land where his father had died ,he comes across a wily broker looking for kidney donors .
The film is all about the relationship that develops between a donor and a reciever of an organ ,
NRI menon being the man who needs a kidney to survive.
Veteran journalist Sasi Menon known for his intelligent interviews in early Asianet and later national TV is suited to the role to a T ,
As a former astrophysicist in the U.S.A with a guilt conscience he carries the role with restrained dignity slowly warming to the exuberant and at time cosmetically non digestible image of poor Mic .

Mic the man with the golden heart brings out the talent in Mamooty in abundance and the viewer loses his hearts to his innate goodness so do the other characters in the film ,
A graceful Gracy singh ( Lagaan fame ) as a nurse is silent but beutiful ,there is no typestyled heroine or villain in the movie and even the wayward student gang in the flat where Menon is staying turn ptiful and apologetic after a bash with some goondas ably managed by Mic .

Photography is excellent specially when Mic and Menon travel to the aristocratic environs of Menons home and village
At the end Mic again steals the show by his heart and in the last scene the donor and reciever come together as friends
A wholesome satisfying and soulful movie indeed not many of this in the present genre .
would recommend all of you not to miss the DVD


Nitha said...

But i found the movie boring

raj said...

its one of the well carved movies i have seen in recent times; sad that you missed the glory to watch the movie from the theatre as this is for the first time the sync sound mixing (on location mixing) ever tried in a malayalam movie; the script, acting, technical aspects everything gels well with the main plot; special mention to the screenplay and dialogue which spring up quality laugh, if not little smile on the viewers in every single scene; never seen mammootty portraying a humorous role with such elan and originality; truly a movie for all those who haven't lost the virtues of life in the core of their hearts; good review dr. hari though bit late to appear on here; movies of this genre should be promoted!!

harimohan said...

didnt know about the sound mixing bit Raju ,but sadly i dont think it was a commercial hit

Maddy said...

hari- it is probably the best malayalam movie i have seen in recent times. i have already seen it 4 times and recommend it left & right..

btw- see OATIM, it is great...

harimohan said...

Agree with you totally maddy


I just caught it on TV as one of the Onam specials - it is a really good movie. Not boring, a bit predictable maybe. I liked watching it.

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