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Friday, July 16, 2010

Paul the predictor

This FIFA a wriggly slippery pound of flesh made more news than all those sweating on and off the field .
Somewhere in Germany in an aquarium Paul spread his buttoned tentacles over the can of food never knowing he was making histroy and being watched by millions on live TV .
None knows how his clairvoyant powers were detected and marketed ,but one does know now that he was strangely and uncannily correct in his predictions .
The joke now is Paul died laughing when asked when India would win the world cup .
Dont worry folks Paul is alive ,healthy,and kicking enjoying his customary aquarian fetishes .
There was a subtle hint of rivalry during the games from Mani the Singapoorean parakeet who pecked on a card depicting the winners ,of course having bet on Holland as the world cup winner Manis fame died a natural death and I assume he is back to picking cards for Solaippa Senguttavan and Chellapan Chettiars in the backstreets of India town in Singapore as he has been doing for ages .
There also was news on a crocodile grabbing a live chicken to devour it and make predictions .
The possiblities are endless .
One could have Redbum the baboon ,Grimace the gorilla ,or Slimy the snake ,becoming future astrolgers .
Indian politicians could wait with bated breaths on these soothsayers giving poor swamijis and astrologers a time out ,maybe thier parties could use them as lucky mascots ,the baboon would be ideal for most of them .
The South African president Zuma known for his prowess in the sleeping quarters with many wives to comfort him said his country needs no Pauls or Manis they generally throw bones to foretell thier future ,
so guys and gals go ahead and look up a Paul or Mani to know your tomorrows leave no bones unturned


umeshjairam said...

Who scored the maximum goals
In the world cup, it's paul.

Maddy said...

you must have seen the recent chain mail about Paul dying.

India eppol world cup jayaikkum enna chodichapol chirichu chirichu avashanayi chattupoyi ennanu arivvu

harimohan said...

yes maddy
and paul wouldnt have died in vain seeing the likes of suresh kalmadi and the commonwealth fiasco that is a muderous question

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