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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bhopal Tragedy revisited

25 years back on a tragic day in Bhopal more than 15000 innocents succumbed to poisonous fumes leaked from the Union Carbide fertiliser plant due to gross ineptitude and negligence by the multinational corporate .

Warren Anderson the CEO who had the guts to turn up at the site immediately was escorted to his home U.S.of A. by the leaders governing our country at that time and is still scot free in senility .

As in all such tragedies the real victims are from the poorest dregs of society and they continue to suffer from its ills even to this day with the after effects of the noxious gas

Thier welfare has been ignored and thier rightful claims for compensation swallowed by a corrupt and inefficient bureacracy and politicians
Union Carbide which is now under a new ownership has shaken away all thier responsiblities and got away so lightly for one of the greatest man made disasters the world had ever seen ,

They would be thanking thier stars that this happened in India where the powers running the nation had helped them proactively and by default (the slow pace of justice in the country and its meagre sentences . )

The recent judgement of a paltry fine and two year imprisonement for some of those responsible coming after 25 years has only rubbed salt to the wounds .most of the accused have already got bail !

The real protaganist is ensoncsed in his old age within the security of his country ,

Murmurs of his extradition which surfaced recently in the media has died a quite death when fingers of suspicion started pointing to icons of the present ruling faction ,

probably another case of spiked news .

The British Petroleum oil leak into the Gulf of Mexico strangely coincided with theBhopal tragedy news revival .

Look at the indignation of president Obama and his countrymen at the oil leak causing immense harm to the marine ecology and consequently to thier country and its people

The offenders are made to pay for thier demanours through thier nose and made guilty by the media day in and out
imagine how they wold have reacted to a tragedy of the Bhopal scale ?
how would the offenders been sentenced ?
how much would have been the compensation recieved by the victims ?
they would have transformed a city like Bhopal in the 25 years into a veritable green paradise making Union Carbide pay for it

what we have instead is a still rusting and dangerous remnants of a killer factory in Bhopal even today !

All medical needs for generations of the victims and thier social needs would have been met ,or rather Union Carbide would have been forced to meet them

One feels sad our parlimentarians and rulers have no value for an Indian life ,

The very life they depend on like parasites for thier votes and petty existence ,

they pamper and preen to corporate demigods even the negligent ones who have harmed the nation and have squashed the lives of thier bretheren .

Our elected representatives throwing flowerpots in assemblies or cavorting with bar girls have no time to waste for the poor ,they only have words for them ,orations that hold thier verbal diarrhea

they turn to the poor only during thier coveted elections ,at other times they split them in the name of caste and religion and keep them in perpetual poverty and bleed them like vampires

they are disgusting !

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it is a nice write up covering many facets. Ihope u wont mind me forwarding it to some more friends
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