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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Singh Slaps Sree

Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has been handed an 11-match ban from the Indian Premier League (IPL) after being found guilty of slapping compatriot Shantha Sreesanth

Harbhajan singh famously known as Bhajji would be regretting that slap on Shantakaumaran Sreesanth ,

costly one what with him losing a fairly big amount and a ban for 11 matches .
Sreesanth broken face swollen cheeks and pouring tears did give the impression of a soft southie getting it from a rumbustous brawnie panjabi ,
what else could poor sree have done he thankfully didnt do a Gandhigiri of turning the other cheek ,The Bhajji would have made a mess of it !
the sardars are known for this kind of language while the mallu is more happier with sarcasm in words ,remember the loudmouth Sidhu who had killed with a blow ,thank God Sreesanth didnt face him or he wouldnt have had to cry .

but what made me write this piece is hardly cricket ,it is something else it is the reaction of Kerala to thier blue eyed boy getting it in the face .

The whole state is gleefully sending mails how he deserves it ! and has been asking for it for a long time ,
see the mallu psyche they have fun when somebody falls !
just imagine what the Tamils would have done ,
Karunanidhi would have wiped his dark glasses and declared war on Punjab in his gritty chenthamil ,
Amma would have become a Durga and made Sasikala tie her hair into a bun before her swearing a la Kannagi ,
Rajani the boss would have flicked a cigarette into air and said "dey naan oru dhadava sonna noorudadava sonna madhiri "and when asked what does this statement mean in this context he would have said this usually goes for all situations ! it was an universal statement he made !
Take Maharastra ,( forget the fact that the Singh led Mumbai team ), if Sreesanth was a Marathi the Thackerays would have roared .
The uncle would order all Singhs to be sunk just beyond the gateway of India and nephew would have opposed it saying that Haji Ali was a better place and they would have fought on that .
If Sree was from UP Mayawati would have tried to find out if Sree belonged to the scheduled caste knowing he isnt she would have asked for reservation for slapped cricketers !
Deve Gowda would have demanded some land in Bangalaru for sree to lick his wounds and would have promptly swallowed half of it
Lalu would have released a special train for Sree to go home to with blinds in the windows and loads of tissue for wiping his eyes
Some central leaders would have said there is a foriegn hand behind Bhajis hand .
BJP leader Jaswant singh would have recited in his baritone voice "Slapping is an ergonomically driven exercise that reeks of poor diplomatic skills and its practioners are deemed examples of poor upbringing and cultaral sereptitude "and hearing is Advaniji would have escaped into the nearest toilet .
One expected the Kerala leaders to voice thier grievances more appropriately ,for example Pinarayi could have reminded Bhajji of Kannur and given him a warning
Achumamma could have blamed the bouregaise game cricket and its imperialistic demanour as the reason for the slap ,he could have told this never happens in say ahem communist China all this in chaste malayalam with a shrug of his shoulders ,
Karunakaran could have pointed out that all this wouldnt have happedned if his son was the sports minister and somebaody else the defence minister ,Guruvyoorappa !
but not a word from any of them
forget all that
Kerala the land of Bandhs didnt even order one !
it was there for the asking ,a ripe reason if any
a state where shutters are closed for reasons like Achumammas constipation or the leaders relief from one did not take up this chance !!!I cant believe it !
why why ? did the architects of bandh fail to react when their own was slapped on his smooth cheek by that brute from the land of five rivers ?
An enignamtic question indeed

please write to me if you have any answers .....


david santos said...

Excellent post.
Have a nice day

Dr.Gursharan said...

Dear Hari,
I can only say this
A bhel muje mar!! is the thought that sreesant has to understand whenever he tries to mess with a sardar.

PROMOD said...

Adi pottiyappom karyangalellam bhangiaayi. Thats the power of an ADI from a Sardar.

Nebu said...

Looks like Sree’s aggressive postures are a camouflage of the cry baby. Some of the photos in your blog speak for itself. He asked for it. Rather than make repulsive faces his bowling should do the talking.

harimohan said...

tks david santos ,
oye gursharan oye gurshara !!!
pramod entha oru adi alle !!
nebu post adi sree shud be different i think

Maddy said...

vayassanmaar pande parayum, cheetha vilichal, cheppa kuttikku vallavanum adi tharaum appears sree was not a santh in this case, so he got a well deserved slap. heard that the kerala government has lodged a protest and that anthony may move it up...but harbie has to be sent home to look after the khethom!!

harimohan said...

maddy ha ha

Sreejith Kumar said...

Both aren't gentleman cricketers!!!!

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