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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

reply to tag

I have been tagged by Maddy here goes

1 .last movie you saw in a theatre ?
innathe chindavisayam : when you see a satyan anthikad directed meera jasminse mohanlal acted movie you dont expect anything else but a great movie ,well this preconcieved notion fell flat after seeing this one ,creativity tapers off after some time i think seeing this lacklustre creation of a great director ,actors have done thier bit but a poor story line and poorer direction makes it a tepid one .
2. what book you are reading ?
SUN AFTER DARK by PICO IYER .after reading place falling offf the map i am Iyers fan his travelogues are off the usual both in places and style ,he creates a new genre himself ,this one on his tour to exotic places bring us true insight ,would recommend this to all .
3 Favourite board game ?
Iam bored of them .
4 .favourite magazines ? The WEEK ,Front line ,India Today and National Geographic .
5 Favourite smells ?
lemon ,lavender,smell of food !!
6 .Worst feeling in the world ?
to be helpless
7 . what is the first thing you think of in the morning ?
being an eternal pessimist ,oh god let not the sword fall on me today .
8.Favourite sounds ?
tinkling bells or a distant flute .
9.Favourite fast food place ?
10.future childs name ?
psst my wife will hear .....( am 50 yrs )
11.finish this statement ..if .i had lot of money .....?
Travel ,travel and help the really helpless
12 .do you drive fast ?
I like to but people say Iam slow !
13 .Do you sleep with a stuffed animal ?
leading a forced bachelor life now the pillow is the only substitute .
14 .Storms cool or scary ?
As long as it doesnt trouble me cool
15 .What was your first car ?
16 .Favourite drink ?
Grape juice ( Iam Mr Walker )
17 .finish this statement " if I had the time I would ...?
Write my book
17 .do you eat the stems on brocolli ?
if they are tasty why not ?
19 .If you dye your hair what would be the choice ?
golden brown
20.Name all different cities and towns you lived in ?
Chennai ,Cochin,Al Ain ( small list )
21.Favourite sports to watch ?
none ( my son will kill me )
22.One nice thing about the perso who sent you this ?
Maddy .Great writer ,informative, broad minded and somebody I would really like to meet
23.Whats under your bed ?
nothing wish it was gold biscuits
24.would you like to be born as yourself again ?
nopes somebody better
25.Morning person or night owl?
night owl but get up in morning not very late
26.over easy or sunny side up ?
27 .Favourite place to relax ?
in front of computer !
28.Favourite pie ?
nil specific all sweet things I love
29.Favourite ice cream
i pass this on to my niece Ujwala

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Nanditha Prabhu said...

it was nice to read your meme and know more about you!

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