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Thursday, April 24, 2008

bigamous Baalu

Bigamous biographies of ministers in India does not make many heads turn ,
the penchant for polygamy goes down the ages with our kings outwitting each other in the size of thier harems ,thier wives and concubines were countless and faceless .

though with time things changed and we have settled down to monogamy with a monotomy bordering on the mundane ,our rulers still depict behavioural attitudes with vestigeal valour .
They need to perform like rulers of the bygone as they are todays princes .
In Tamilnadu particularly one cannot blame the angavastram clad poltician from following his thalaivars lifestyle and Baluus thalaivar has left no stone unturned in this matter ,so he can hardly condone someone following his pattern .

Rulers all over the world have been doing this take Idi Amin ,Yahya khan ,and many other dictators ,there are classic examples in our own parliament Ram Vilas Paswan the great saviour of the scheduled castes also has saved two women by marrying them !
this is no breaking news

look at our Gods ,
Lord Krishna with his 16000 is often qouted by polygamists ,he could do all his leelas in spite of them !
one need to look at the pictures of most other Gods with one godess on either sides enconsed in comfort .They look as symbols of love and peace and we look up on them dont we ? ( now dont come up with the inner meaning of all this i know i know ,this post is on ministers not on Gods )
but for the law , bigamy is a surefire hit with everyone and everywhere ..

In the land of female infanticide where the venerated Amma the former C.M introduced cradles to save hapless female babies from suffocating on grain pieces ,marrying more than oneof the speices (if one could manage that ! ) was not a social anamoly at all ,on the contrary it is social service and the Ballus and Karunanaidhis have done precisely that by marrying often so why grudge !.

It is the duty of the ruler to leave fruitful progeny to continue the act of ruling
( plunder is another word used in recent times )so these leaders had to procreate in plenty for the future of the land and could one do this by restricitng oneself to one .
Gimme Red said one advt give me wives say they !

what is two when the wives dont object ? why should somebody else get envious ? grapes are always sour if you dont get them

Again if any favouristm has been done it is in the larger intrests of the shareholders according to the honble
minister ,how concerned he is to thier welfare specially when most of the shares are from the families of his two wives .
so dear Express o please dont do your expose act on matters before going into the depth of issues ,
we know that our leaders always do everything with a cause

even marrying twice ! you know ......


Ujwal Unni said...

What better way to distribute the wealth they make?
Gud post......

Maddy said...

they do it becos they think they can get away with it..some find it difficult to resist temtation.
and this is the ultimate in temptation, from historic times..

drsurkur said...

Be like the gods we were taught.This is called implicit obidience or so to say convinient we were asked to be good as the gods which we conviniently tend to forget.Great hari.keep up the good work.

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