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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Acrobats in the air

Empees and MLA s of our country find their true form in the air ,the moment they fly up in an aircraft their souls go into action .
The rarefied atmospheres hold good for them .
It wasn’t long before a famous minister from Kerala known for his farming activities and penchant for singing in functions extended his skills of feeling in the dark .
Our politicians are full of feelings as we all know but here this feeling was of a different kind .he sent feelers for the future ,as the lights dimmed for takeoff his genes did a tumble and his arms stretched forwards to feel the fair lady sitting in front ,ministers feel it is their right to feel their subjects and a honour for the subjects to get felt and so did our man but the reaction was immediate and unexpected,disaster courted him and his face fell ,all because of a feel that wasn’t called for .
Our minister was an expert in rolling out of tight situations and he did try to roll out of this too but the odds were against him and so he left his mighty kursi and retired to his estate to lick his wounds ,courtroom battles followed now all stock from his bag of tricks like accusing the victim was over and the he is still regretting his aerial adventure .

Yet another aeronautical avarice was commited by an Empee recently again hailing from Kerala ( Gods own you know ) this man of the people wanted to ride in the cockpit ,nothing wrong like any politician he wanted to be in the seat of action and as a honourable empee he felt it was his right to act out his desires whatever they are ! he never expected the pilot to object how could he ? after all the airlines was sarkari which meant he and his colleagues owned it and the glorified driver ( ahem ) pilot had no right to do what he did ,the empee who was booted out of the flight fretted and fumed .
He too fights his battle from the wells of the Parliament .how they work for the nation !!
Long live our Empees and Emelles !
Jai Hind


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Maddy said...

hari - i read about that chap who did this - ellatineyum, adichu thol urikkanam..

BTW you have been tagged, check it out

harimohan said...

absolutely maddy wish i cud do it

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