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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


sukran in arabic is thanks .
in a land of ettiquete this word is often heard.
everytime you enter into a taxi the driver would gleam if you said salam male khum ( dont laugh if i have spelt it wrong ) and sukran when u get out ,he takes the dirhams with a flush and a grin .
Taxis are plentiful in Al Ain ,all Toyotas ,flashy and big ,and mostly huge Afghan drivers ,one just has to stand on the side of a road and wave feebly before one slides in front of you ,it costs for small distances 3 to 5 dirhams that is 40 to 60 rupees ( iam still in the conversion phase )

One dare not walk in the daytime as i tried once in a dare devil fashion on a friday afternoon ,with all cars moving to the nearest mosques taxis were unavailable and so i thought i could walk ,having lived in another furnace called chennai i took it cooly and did walk a km or so ,pavements are meant for walking so neat and paved ,i did reach the place i was walking to but i was exhausted and was almost seeing mirages ,the bright sun sapped my energy and the heat was like from a million suns ( exagerating of course ,a writer has the right so dont complain )

so after this i never made the mistake and told million sukrans to million drivers .
evenings were different of course very pleasant though not cool ,the roads have green lawns flowerbeds and people flock in thier cars to the sides of roads and had picnic dinners late to the night ,the whole city is well lit and safe .

malls is another great passtime ,one could get anything from pins to pistols ( oops no no pistols i just added that word for rhythm ),
there are more than 6 or 7 huge malls all centrally ac and which would take two or more hours of our time for a round about .

mallus like malls are plentiful and friendly so are the others from almost all parts of the world

jordanians,syrians ,iranians ,iraquis ,pakistanis ,europeans ,egyptians ,ethipians ,philipinos ,chinese ,malays ,u name them we have them !!
malls have cineplexes and ice rinks too for fun

but once you get tired of all this and if you dont have your family around ,the computer will be the only solace and a poor one at that

sukran .....



Vimala said...

As usual ... the writer is out again .. with experiences that really create a real picture of the scenario right in front of our eyes.. so well written ... taking the reader too along with the writer ... so all the best Harietta and looking forward to meeting you in Dubai ...

raj said...

The experts in indo-arab phonetics suggest that the arab term sukran might have originated from hindi/urdu word sukriya which means thanks! Besides Indians, Pakistanis Bangladeshis and Afghanis it is Iranians who could speak hindi/urdu fairly well which underlines the very fact that the base language of the Aryans was sanskrit.The term Iranians use for new is ‘nava’, in hindi it is ‘naya’ and in english ‘new’.
Take the term sukran literary, it is the planet venus, the planet that delivers happiness, romance and popularity; it stands for our sense of aesthetics, the arts and how we interact in our intimate relationships! seems that in the astrological cycle dr.hari is having his 'sukra-dasa' since the moment he landed in uae — wealth, health, name, fame, popularity and what not!! keep going doctor!

Dr. Prasanth Pillai said...

Great description, Dr. Hari. Keep going...

shafeeq said...

You shud have taken that Kaalan Koda that i gave you!
Here we are having karkidaka kanji!
Take good care of your brains!

Beena Narayanan said...

Hi Hari...Thank God you have taken your you will never be bored....and when you are sick and tired of all those malls and mallus...pen will come handy...

Maddy said...

well well, i see that you are enjoying your arabland stay..i recall my doing what you did, but in 1987. i was wearing a Northstar bata shoe. After a two mile walk on a burning thursday afternoon, the heel just came off. all the best....

p.s. i have a blog up that you may be specifically interested in - take a look.

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