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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

rainy day by sruthi menon

As I rushed home on a rainy day
The rain drops splattered on my face
And I quickened my pace
The thunder roared into my ears
And the sky shed its tears
As I rushed home on a rainy day.

The silver lightning streaked the grey sky
And I fearfully cried out, “Oh ,my !”
The world was transforming into a huge watery mess
and I too was in one that was no less
as I rushed home on a rainy day .

I shivered feverishly in the cold
No longer could I see the sun that shone gold
Splash ! I had landed on a dirty puddle
I was in such a great muddle
as I rushed home on a rainy day.

My vision was veiled by a curtain of misty rain
as I walked up a rickety lane
My wet hair was plastered on to my forehead
And I wished deeply for my warm & cosy bed
as I rushed home on a rainy day.

And then , suddenly the grey clouds slunk away scowling
And the sun came out , broadly smiling
Its scorching heat made me wince in pain
And I wished it would rain again
As I rushed home on a rainy day.

Sruthi Menon
IX Std
Choice School


Anonymous said...

I am too old to run
I wish I were a child
So as to have great fun
Let the rains do not hide

with greetings
Umesh Kumar

raj said...

poetry is supposed to be the most difficult form of literary writing as the canvas given to the writer would be small where he has to portray a whole lot of things in minimal words without losing the fineness and rhythm.Though the title given to the poem is ‘rainy day’ little sruthi subtly conveyed a message regarding the materialistic nature of we people as we only know how to whine and complain and not at all satisfied with the proceedings in and around us; like a pendulum our moods swiftly swing between extremes; when it was raining heavily the poetess longed for the sun to come out only to see it unbearable the next moment!excellent work sruthi!!

Nebu said...

Sruthi you are truly gifted.Only a gifted person can write poetry whereas anyone can write prose these days with the help of MS word.

dr jaypee said...

And I wished it would rain again
As I rushed home on a rainy day.
good narration. go ahead baby.

Anonymous said...


Your view and love towards our bearutiful nature is very much

Madhu& Nisha

raj said...

some writers have special liking for verse while some others are at home writing prose, so we cant measure out the degree of difficulty really! one thing is sure,anyone can read a poem but very few can enjoy and apprehend it which makes the task of the writer harder!

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