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Sunday, July 29, 2007

do it in dubai

Do it in Dubai ( I meant shopping )

If it is Tuesday it must be Belgium is a movie I enjoyed in my schooldays ,it was a comedy on a conducted travel group going around Europe in a week ,I remember I went for this film with a friend of mine in the Safire theatre in Chennai ,as the school closed because it rained heavily in the morning and conveniently for us it stopped when we decided to go for a movie .
Why all this now you might ask ?
well , all I wanted to tell was that in Tawam hospital where I work now if it is Friday it could be Dubai ,because on every weekend they have comfortable buses running to Dubai and to Abhu Dhabi for the staff to shop till they drop .
So on Friday afternoon I got into one for the one hour and a half drive through gleaming roads in the desert sands .
As we approached Dubai signs of construction activity increased and in the distant horizon I could see the skyscrapers towering into the sky ,on many buildings being completed one could see huge cranes perched like eagles ,the dusty hue of Burj Dubai the worlds tallest building was not to be missed
We then entered into downtown Dubai and sped through early evening traffic blocks ,even with well planned ,multi laned roads ,excellent traffic lights ,huge bridges ( the latest is the floating bridge which is parted after 10pm for ships to pass under ) and the Salik or toll for entering the city to discourage vehicle entry ,the vehicle intensity chokes the roads .
The metro which is coming up fastly is expected to be the answer to the perplexing problem the city faces .
City buses are neat and huge and do connect Dubai with Sharajah and other places ,Boats and dhows connect Deira to Burdhubai from Abra .Posh taxis are present in plenty .No avenue of transportation is left out here to ease the strain ,one tends to compare it with Cochins narrow choked roads and ignored backwaters .
I made my way into the yawning gate of the city centre a shopping complex huge and rich in variety ,one could easily spend hours in this one place and remember the city is filled with shopping malls ,discounts ,prices ,gifts ,and multitude of products to attract and make our wallets lighter,window shopping is great fun specially in expensive branded shops .The food court of this one mall has more than thirty foodshops where every known food in the world is available and people are on a gastronomic non stop adventure .
After being there for more than three hours I sped to Ajumon with my friend who came to pick me up .
The next day saw me in Sharjah with another close friend and visiting our own Alukkas shopping complex with you name it they have it things .
From Sharjah Rolla I went by bus to Deira and upto the last stop called Baniyas from where I walked in the cruel sun to Abra or the dockyard a few paces ahead and from there my friendly Tawam bus took me back to AlAin in airconditoned comfort .
So I did it in Dubai I meant shopping !



saras said...

I always wondered what was so special abt the dubai shopping fest... yr blog tempts me to come over and have a look.

raj said...

in the beginning the sea and desert were created; the desert was a heap of sand and strong wind covered the face of it,while a wind swept over the face of the arabian sea, the creator said "let there be road" and there was road. And creator saw that the road was good; and the creator separated the road from the desert; then the creator said "let there be skyscrapers and shopping malls.... fashion and festivals", later the cattle and creeping things and animals were created; and at last, the hapless expatriates were created--the genesis of dubai!

Vimala said...

Well Harietta your article does give me more of Dubai ..i really wonder if I was really there all these years.. the writer sure has lots to say I guess. Do keep enlightening us about DUBAI.....

Nanditha Prabhu said...

thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments.I am honored to have a doctor as my visitor!So you are in dubai? I viewed your profile and thought you were in kerala!
I read about Shilpa and I think you will be interested in reading a post I made on my cousin , who is a special child( God is still working on her!...)
keep visiting!

harimohan said...

dear ms nanditha
your post on your cousin brought tears to my eyes as i remembered my lost shilpa .
all special children are gods own for they never lose thier innocence and are pure in thought and deed for life ,in hindu philosophy that is the ideal one should achieve for isnt it ? but all this is no consolation to a parent of a special child .
my wife dr premila is messianic on her school in shilpas memory ,we now have 140 children plus our 2 biological ones .
i came to al ian just 15 days back to work in tawam hospital
nice to know you
all the best

Anonymous said...

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