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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Our first car

Genesis of driving
Our first car was a standard herald owned by a neurologist friend in Cochin .
It was a great moment for us as it was the first car for us .
Though we both had our driving licences we werent very confident of driving it on our own .
There was specially one place we were scary of on way to Fort cochin a small bridge with a steep incline .
Somehow we both had visions of disaster in that place
We were afraid of our capability in handling the clutch throttle brake combo on steep surfaces and imagined a slide down in such places .
So we hit upon a plan to hire a chauffeur and drive under his supervision .
One of the first respondents was a burly ex lorry driver recommended by someone
He assured us on his vast experience and he was duly appointed .
The next morning we got in with him me in front and premila in back .
Our man got in banging the door with great force
Used to lorries our man was a tough honcho but we wondered if our flimsy herald would bear it .
He then held the clutch and pushed it with great force and we shot off like a bullet .
The car careened its way several times dangerously close to pedestrians .
Those days there were no seat belts and we were thrown around in the car .
We told him to slow down and one of us wouls ride under his expert guidance but he wasnt very happy he just prodded on
So it was a total failure
We told him off
The next day one of us had to dare the drive and my wife took the lead and in days both of us were heralding all over Kochi

Image only for illustration ..this wasnt our car

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