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Monday, February 13, 2017

Miracle cures

The miracle cures
This beliw video is a  practice session of a faith healer to fool public .

When the preacher shows his hand the supposedly sick in the audience fall down and get cured !

These are paid actors who rehearse before they fool the public .
Seeing this more people will believe hes doing miracles .
In a tamil movie kamalahassan does an excellent impersonation of a cerebral palsy person stumbling , falling ,somersaulting , drooling , his way  to the faith healer who in front of a huge crowd utters mumbo jumbo and touches him
kamal falls down with a thud to wakes up cured

The next scene he is shown arguing with the faith healer about money paid for his excellent acting .

Its a clear case of cheating and conning stupid gullible people , with a law that ignores such activities .
The sad thing in india people fall for such rubbish .
Of course its not restricted to one religion
There are several fake swamis swaminis and charltans from all religions doing this .

The media which benifits richly by sponsored shows and advertisements help in  spreading the message .
With money flowing in from abroad to that one country in the world which is an ideal one for such activities these con men have deep pockets .
some even own their own TV Channels .

Theres no restrictions or monitoring by the state on such falsehoods .

By donating liberally to politicians and parties they are safe under the  law .

Its the poor the needy the sick mentally unstable those under stress and a lot of normal people who fall into traps by these cheats .

These powerful preachers and swamis have goondah and thugs to frighten anyone trying to bring out truth .

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