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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Army Aspirations

Iam asked by many of my friends why are you so obsessed with the Indian army ?
 You keep filling your FB status praising them and you started a page called friends of the indian armed forces  for our army.
 There are some friends. ,dont know if I really should use that label who for thier own political compulsions or beliefs chastise the army as a murderous raping breed !
 Somehow i cant stand such creatures who cannot see the stark truth
 not being proud of a bunch of people highly disciplined trained skilled honest and patriotic .
 Not many countries can boast of having such a bunch protecting them day and night in wilderness and extreme clinates beyond comprehension , going beyond the borders of religion caste ,language ,social ,economic ,or ,geographic divisions to do thier duty fearlessly ,suffering death or injuries and coming from brave families of fathers ,mothers ,wifes ,and children who with tears in thier eyes but with pride in thier chest are willing to give thier beloveds for the country in body and soul !!
 I cannot suffer traitors who chastise an army such !!
 Thats one group i cannot stand
 sorry to say that.
 You may ask me  two questions.then

 One , are you telling us Indian army is so pure it has no dishonest amongst it , none who are corrupt or some who are criminals ?
 I do no such thing .
 Every part of society has its black spots even in the so called noble profession I belong to ,that is human nature but I will say this here , probably our army may still be the only last bastion where the famed dharmic way of living in honesty and hard work a quintisentially indian way of living , in a country teetering with corruption selfishness and cynicism .
 The second question you may ask is , you keep talking a lot about the indian army and how its personell suffer hardship for the nation ,how come you conviniently did not join such a force and just giving an arm chair drawing room account and praise using flowery language.  ?

 If you had loved the indian army so much you should have been a part of it. !

 In fact this question was asked by one such friend sorry to use that label undeserved who hates our army and considers me a war monger !
 True I did not join the Indian army !
 I did try my best to do so.
 After being in NCC Naval cadre in school and after my medical school and PG in Radiotherapy I applied to Army medical corps ,passed the entrance exams and yes , the interview in New Delhi , where I attended it .
 I was even given the briefing of a life as. Army doctor
 amongst those selected and was looking forwards to the same.
 I never expected my spectacles which had been a part of me from seven years age to be a block to an army life i was very sad to know that i was rejected because of my high myopia.
 At the time one of my uncles Lt. gen. Menon who was a top ranking army officer had put in a word for me .probably the reason why the recruiting officer a colonel and a doctor himself called me to his room a honour not given to all rejected recruits and told me Dr.Harimohan its not that you need to be inside the army always to serve the country you are one amongst the millions of Indians outside the army who can do the same so wish you all the best and his words ring true to me to this day.
 Jai hind

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