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Friday, October 21, 2016

Camera control

Whenever I travel taking photographs has been my passion..somehow there a compulsion to record what i saw with awe for posterity.
My family used to say why dont you see things with your eyes instead of through a lens. Very true but my nature would take over.
So most trips i go laden with my Nikon SLR 3000 and also its 740 mm lens with sun shield. My faithful samsung note 4 which had given me excellent shots and lovely videos .
Technically not perfect i had the eye for a good frame and mostly wouldnt miss oppurtune moments 
Photography is freezing moments i feel.
These days a remote selfie stick with blue tooth made me take selfies which do not look like one but its preparation adjustments opening application and shooting all this in crowded tourist areas was a bit cumbersome. .once in a cathedral in Sydney in a sepulchral hall durig a solemn mass i was happily clicking on my nikon in professional agility. I had changed to my huge lens but forgotten to lock it. The disaster happened as my lens fell n a loud thud to floor making the entire congregration look back at me as i guiltily picked it up. Luckily God was with me as my lens was not broken only my ego was ! 
This time premila joined me with a vengeance as she bought a latest canon digital camera small but powerful and clicked away with it and her i phone beating me in the game 
A real camera trip

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