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Sunday, October 16, 2016


We left Bratislava with a smile ,it was one of the good trips we have had .
The luxury bus to Vienna was very comfortable with free WIFI entertainment console ,and mineral water .the seat was soft push back and roomy the windows were wide and the scenes were awesome ,with all this the one and half hour ride was over before we realized and we got down the Vienna bus stand .
Like in most developed cities the Bus station was part of a huge complex with metro at one level so we descended down to the Metro and managed to make an online call to our hotel in a place called PilgrimGasse .The reception gave us very clear instructions ,we were advised to get on to the red line ( Vienna Metro has five lines marked in different colors ,106 stations and covered around 75 kms .)
We needed to get down at Karlsplatz  station and change to green line and then travel a couple of stations to reach PilgimGasse  and the hotel was just right across the station .

We bought a ticket from the vending machine ,later we realized we could have bought the one day ticket and saved money which we did after some time ,
the one day or two days tickets are very convenient one can travel in bus or metro or tram unlimited with that .it cost 7.60 Euro per ticket approximately 600 INR




In   a short time we reached PilgrimGasse  a very quaint station with a canal of the Danube flowing near it
 there was a Mc Donald outlet nearby and some shops,
we checked in to Austria Trendz Ananas hotel ,
After freshening up we took the metro again this time with a one day ticket and went to karlzplatz changed trains to Musuems quartier  station by now we got the hang of it ,the metro map was very clear ,one had to be careful to look into the end stations in order not to travel in opposite directions and choose the correct colored line but it was very user friendly and needed no help from anyone .

The  museums Quartier  had  many art gallery's and museums mostly of them of the contempory  kind we went into the Leopold Museum it was very Avant garde with lot of fashionable people walking in the lobby
we found the admission charges were exorbitant as both us us were not particular fans of modern art and preferred more realistic ones we gave it a wide berth ,
most of the other museums and galleries there were of the similar kind but the square was big and one could get rest by sitting and people watching ,there was an interactive place for children and a pop music group was setting up for an evening of fun ,
we moved out of the place and then got into a road full of huge buildings palaces and statues the traffic was busy ,
we saw a huge complex with picturesque fountains and a huge square where only walking was allowed .
we came to know this was the famous Hofburg  Palace This was the traditional winter residence of the aristocracy who ruled Austria while the Schonbrunn palace was the summer residency 
it faced the Helden platz .
the sprawling Hofburg sqaure had many statues,manicured gardens and sitting places 

it has several parts to it
the Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, the Imperial Silver Collection, the Ancient Music Institute, Spanish Riding School, Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of arms and Armour, the National Library in the Grand Hall, the Imperial Chapel, the Treasury, a Papyrus Museum and the Butterfly and Palm House.
We took a ticket to enter the place it had two parts one the SISI museum where photographs were allowed ,the second part was the imperial collections where no photographs were allowed  .
SISI or queen Elsabeth the empress of Austria definitely requires a seperate museum for her tale is so poingnant and magnificient .

SISI is so famous that books have been written and movies taken 

The Habsburg dynasty ruled Austria for around two hundred years and during this time Austria became famous as a center of artistic living , fashion ,architecture ,music  and science too .
it was the hub of culture music and art in Europe in those bohemian days
Vienna had the likes of Sigmund Freud , Mozart ,Beethoven later Lenin Stalin Tito Trotsky and Hitler rubbing shoulders literally ,they may have been were  in its coffee bars probably espousing their beliefs
it was a fountain head of culture itself .
This can be seen in the medieval buildings in the historical area of the city .
Huge crowds of tourists throng the roads of this area ,and the towering Gothic cathedrals ,fairy tale castles with tall spires ,up market branded shops vying for space in midst of sculpted art and fountains .

We went into the SISI museum ,we were given ear plugs which gave recorded audio information by designated numbers of exhibits .

We learnt that Elisabeth a young playful adventurous girl related to the royal family living with her family n Bavaria who later  become sthe Empress of Austria itself by marrying the king Franz Joseph who was smitten by her charms .
SISI s tastes were exquisite and her passion for horse riding acrobatics and sports made her make lot of changes to the palace ,her dresses were the talk of the town and considered as the height of fashion ,she was a social butterfly at center of things with her charisma but she also felt she was in  ,a gilded cage in the palace she longed for her more carefree childhood .

She bore children grew into middle age her husband the king was mostly busy though he loved his wife ,she would go to other places dressed as a countess to hide her identity and it was once during one  such a trip an anarchist who was anti royals murdered her .
Sisi was written on and more than three films have been taken on her life .

Then we moved in to the imperial palace and its kitchen vessels ,decorated table and sanitary ware ,weapons jewelry furniture al these were grand and splendid 
after coming out of the Hoffsburg palace  





St Stephens Cathedral

the Stephens church stood tall in its Gothic brilliance 


Schonbrunn palace

The Opera hall in Schonbrunn palace

musicians get ready

Red Bus     hop on hop off

The well known Godess Athena 

inside the magnificent church

UNO  building  from the Danube towers 

Add caption

AT restaurant on top of Danube towers

Vienna is still called as the city of music ,city of dreams after freauds famous psychoanalytic theories ,there was a sigmund freud museum which we missed it needed a good week to touch al places .
we bought a ticket to enter the Hapsburg palace
It was in  two parts the first part was called SISSI Museum and second one was the imperial palace itself

The Sissi museum was wholly dedicated to Elisabeht sissy the wife of Franz Joseph emperor of Austria in short sissi was the famous Empress of Austria
she was a legendary beauty and was known for impeccable tastes her life was followed by many and she was an yesteryear princess Diana
her unfortunate death too was discussed for long and two movies had been taken on her so far ,
Iam writing a seperate post only dedicated to Sisi after this as she requires nothing less .

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