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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Castro dead Communism long dead

Castro dead ...... Communism long dead 

In history of mankind there would be very few men who were pied pipers in their ideology .

for thousands of others the likes of Fidel Castro and the Argentinean doctor and Castros friend Che Guevra represented daring, equality, romanticism, and the fable of utopia
Yes like Castro breathed his last at ninety years on 25 th of November 2016 his ideology of communism had long before gasped out of its existence in a world which realized all the great theories of equality existed only in thick tomes or in the dry dreary speeches of comrades.
Marks and Engels truly created a revolutionary thought of equality among st universal humanity firing the hopes of many ,but unfortunately man isnt wired to be equal.
We are as different as we come ,a very politically uncomplimentary statement but a truth ,a fact that has been proved in history !
The crumbling of the edifices of the leftist bastions like paper maiche castles starting with the splintering of USSR and its satellites ,the crass conversion of communist China into a diametrically opposite capitalistic mode happened
All because man would never be eqaul.
In all these countries and in those patches of communism that are still existing intubated and in their last throes like in kerala in India , the caucus of power , the leaders always reaped the benefit ,their family got the best ,their power alliances ruled ,
Remember the eastern European countries of the seventies the long lines of starved people in front of non existent supermarkets fighting over a portion of black bread while their bosses holidayed in Crimean resorts on rare caviar
Remember the Gulags of Stalin as he transported half his population to freezing Siberia
What equality are they talking of ?
Communism was nothing more than feudalism trying to look good with a coat of respectability in talking of equality all the time.
It existed by coercion ,violence , threats and its minions were automatons and zombies to their leaders.
Its USB was dictatorship by the party
So instead of an envisaged Utopian reality of Marx Engels the philosophy had turned into a depraved existentialist of crass selfishness and exploitation that even capitalism and feudalism appeared fairer.

So all the hoary praises I hear from the sound bytes in TV of how the flames of castros legacy of nine decades are safely protected to spread and inflame in places like kerala , appears as a feeble yelp of an extinct dinosaur...of old wives tales to convince idiots ....communism
And dear comrade even Castro anointed his own brother as the successor
So much for equality
Get awake

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Devanand said...

Practical analysis. You've spoken the truth so what if it's harsh. Great.

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