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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Salil Chowdhry the music Maestro

Salil chowdry those who love him for his creativity in music he is Salilda...
A friends status today made me write this short epitome to a genius who by his film music has bestowed happiness to many .
.Born as a Bengali , the land of culture and creativity Salilda lived as a child in the misty tea estates of Assam and West Bengal where his father worked ..his father had a big collection of western classical records ..Salilda grew up to the orchestraic pleasures of aBeethoven or a Mozart or to a Chopin. His fine ears would catch the chirp of a bird , the rustle of a tree , or to the gurgle of a stream.
He learnt flute on his own ..later all this would blend into some of the finest compositions made for indian films ..Madhumati.Kabuliwala.. Anand specially Anand.
There was something very etheral to Salildas music , it elevated one to spaces above , one would be lost in its flow , it rhymed with the music in our souls.
It wasnt surprising that other than Bengali and Hindi films Malayalam films just took to Salilda .
I grew up as a teenager listening to the haunting Manade singing the immortal "maanasa myele varu " in Chemeen the classic born from a great novelist and a great film maker ..the three of them made Chemeen a milestone in films and when actor Madhu enacted it in lonely nights in the drifting sands on the shores of a beach with crashing waves yearning for the lost love of his life it was picture perfect .
Salilda with that film entered into the hearts of every malayalee.
They made him thier own
He went to make many more classics till as late as late nineties..
Kamalahassan another virgin talent recognised by kerala long before his fame came , had frolicked for many of his films to music from Salilda like Rasa leela madanotsavam etc
These were the songs that captured the hearts of the young in those days to which i belong too.
His music was a blend of western orchestration sounds of nature and eastern classicism blended so finely it was an art unsurpassed
Ilayaraja was once praised by salilda as a great composer of future when he was just a guitarist in his troupe of musicians .
Geniuses recognise each other.
As i write this in my mind the timeless tunes of my favourite Salilda echoes to infinity

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Rajesh Raman said...

Well written..His songs are unique and evergreen!

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