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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Strong Doctor

just to make things a bit light ,of course iam as angry as everyone here
take it in a light spirit we need to laugh too
With increasing violence on doctors i just thought i will take off on a comment written by a doctor in this forum .Dr Praful thanks
Narayanan Harimohan's photo.
All doctors wear helmets and shatter proof face masks...
Bullet proof vests to be procured from Kevlar bought in concession by a Government subsidy
All furniture iv stands and lamp fixtures to be made of plastic
Marked changes in MBBS curriculum
Selection will be like for army and police recruitment height weight ability to fight back will be scrutinised
Base camp under commandos during internship is must
First year physical fitness and 8 pack training
Aamir khan will be roped in as national coach
Salman khan will be the dean of this dept he will teach drs to hit and run
Second year during anatomy special boxing traing with dead body punching and wrestling with specimens
Mulayam singh yadav will teach wrestling
Morning prayers to dara singh
Third year pharmaco therapeutics a special segment for how to treat doctors who are injured by thirr patients
Tamil actor Vijay will show how to reverse dislocated shoulders and hit the enemy telling iam waiting
By final year most doctors will be black belts with judo kung fu kalari and kolattam expertise
Rajnikanth will be roped in to teach juicy dialogues like
If i tell pay bill once you pay hundred times
Doctors will go on deputation in turns to mumbai bhais to learn how to throw back stones and play with knives like with a stethoscope
Voice training will be by Amrish puri oopps sorry cant have ghost lecturers
Doctors will go to kolkata to learn magic from pc sorcar to turn the missiles thrown at them into flowers to have the last laugh
Arvind Kejariwal will be honorary prof of anarchist methods
Supreme court lawyers will train drs in fourth year how to sleep on cases and take summer holidays
Finally if nothing works they will meet our PM .Modiji to learn how to be abroad 365 days in an year
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