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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tasek Merimbun

Brunei Darussalam is a small country in the  big island of Borneo in  South China sea ,
tropical in landscape and equatorial in climate  .
it is a green nation .
the country is highly evolved in maintenance of ecological balance  and serves as a right example of how to preserve our greenery to others .
Huge swathes of undisturbed forests and national parks dot the nation with smaller towns and the cities ,the buildings are mostly tile roofed and melds well with the landscape ,
there is order and cleanliness and people are civic minded and disciplined .
It is rightly called the Abode of Peace
The major city  in Brunei is BandarSeri Begawan the capital
It has regions of shopping malls residential areas and offices interspersed with green belts ,even in the capital city there are hilly trekking areas like the Shah Bander and Tasek Lama ,there are well built gardens like the botanical gardens and the waterfront area which are tourists delights .
The other major town is Kuala Belait and Serria the oil towns of Brunei .
There are also national parks like Ulu Ulu reserve about which I had blogged earlier .

Muarah is a harbour town and a point of departure to Labuan in Malaysia and also to Kota Kinabalu by boats 
Tungku beach ,Jerudong beach and  and other beaches are also well maintained and safe .
I wanted to go to Tasik Merimbun about 70 Km from where I stayed and did last sunday
 Around 3pm I went there with my friend Dr James and his family .
It was cloudy and it was pouring by the time we reached the nearest town Tutong about 30 km away .
we were not very sure of the way and got a bit lost in Tutong where we had to turn left .
for information One needs to turn left after the first signal about 5  km away when a board showing Tanjong maya is seen 
One needs to follow this road till one reaches Lamunin about 13km 
We were told from Lamunin one could do a 1.5 km trek to reach a lovely waterfall which we did not attempt as we were not very sure of the way .
We turned right again in Lamunin and then went towards Tasek Merumbin another 10 to 12km away .the roads are good and signboards are clear too .
There are small shops on the way which can function as live GPS with very friendly people around too .

Tasek Merumbin has a butterfly park and trekking tracks ,there is a lovely lake with a rickety bridge leading to a s shaped island ,
we did not attempt to cross the bridge as it was looking very fragile and the lake itself was said to have crocodiles in it ,
there were a couple of boats parked but no one was around ,
fishing is also a great sport there as we did see a few youngsters with a fishing rod returning back without any catch but .

The place was scenic and quiet and is ana excellent place for a day picnic for families as one could return back quickly too 

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