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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Breakfast Tales

The Breakfast tales
 One day Morning I just  some time for a quickie breakfast as I had some work in Ripas hospital a little away from my house
 Rajahs was a well known Indian restaurant and it was close to Ripas
So I went there
but it  seemed closed so I strolled to the nearby lucky restaurant a Chinese one
I settled down for a cup of latte coffe which I liked and said no to the Dim sung cart and its delicacies
But the coffee brought was as dark as midnight ...
no Milk

well dont think they knew what was that !
I patiently explained to the very hospitable pair of waitresses who were really sincere in making the bespectacled mildly obese indian thats me have a hearty breakfast   that all I wanted was a good cuppa coffee with milk and sugar and not anything else
what with my south indian genes used to kumbakonam degree coffee which to some of you not knowing the lingo is the finest filter coffee made out of freshly ground and roasted coffee seeds and lathered with fine pure cows milk and sweetened by just the right pinch of white sugar
The Kumbakonam degree coffee would any day beat the Starbucks flat for its price and taste
 ( my opinion others may differ )
these days Kumbakonam coffee outlets are a craze in Tamilnadu highways ,one can settled down to sip into a blazingly hot coffee in a copper tumbler and one could cool it down and froth it by repeatedly puring it into a bigger vessel given alongwith
so as I dreamt of that i found nothing of the sort happened here
She went in and brought a jumbo cup of darker coffee with a thimble of ice cold milk
I patiently asked her for another cup poured 3/4of the turbid brew in front of me into another cup and poured the ice cold milk and drank the less than lukewarm concotion and paid my bill with a smile

I stepped down and walked into an open Rajahs and tucked into 2 steamed idlis and one vada with one cup of good coffee and felt very happy

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