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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mallu mouth

The great sickular state of Kerala is overjoyed at the way things have happened in Delhi ,loss of face to BJP is like a good hartal gone well for Kerala
so the media goes about with catchy phrases like the lotus being nipped in its stem ,the great march of BJP halted ,and reverse of BJP fortunes from now on and so on and so forth ,
its great expert commentators are falling over each other to declare the death knell of the party they hate the most and the man who brought i...t to the top ,
They rant and rave
its because of their arrogance ,its because of their not doing anything ,the great Indian public has seen the true face of BJP
what vocabulary brilliance !

I feel God when portioning intelligence gave to the Malayalee a great gab but not enough sense to speak the gab !
he is excellent in reeling off in pure malayalee exuberance ,
words come out of his mallu mouth with no stop and like a mimicry artiste he can gab for hours
don't ask what he means but ,mostly he doesn't mean much
the very people who have patiently borne a Government which has done nothing since its inception instead of fighting amongst its own coalition partners with the choicest sound bytes filling the TV day in and day out ,jumping from scandal to scandal the Government has not even the ability to build toilets in girls schools leave alone managing a state
bankrupt and begging it bumbles along and the great media of this state now espouses on a Government which in 8 months has done more than 6 decades of ineffectual impotency by the previous Governments be it in the defense ,foreign ,financial sector ,perceptible changes like bank accounts for every citizen ,no nonsense approach to Pakistan and China strengthening of internal security better foreign relations and investment climates stricter timings for government offices
all this had already happened ,
when did we have any Government that worked in this country ?
leave alone Kerala where the people are happy with only the two morbid parties that keep juggling their power seats in alternate periods and their fates like ping pong balls
.,and now the same media is going ga ga just because a tiny place like Delhi has been lost to a maverick who will show his true color shortly and declare it as a Modi stopper ,
stopping Modi ( read not BJP ) will only make our country fall into the loop of having none with vision or dedication and our country will be the losers
So guys and gals be smart and start thinking after all you are in news in media and you have to think with your heads and not with your mouths
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Maddy said...

that was what Tharoor was saying last week

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