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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The world of Selfies

The moment of discovery that smart phones can turn their cameras to click the person behind the camera can be considered as one as historical as much as the discovery of the camera itself .

Suddenly the hidden figure who clicked others and the world at large found to his delight that he could now become the prime image of his device!

To all the narcissists peering at the mirror and asking the question tell me who is the most beautiful among us? The selfie  was made to order

Suddenly the clicker gained independence no more d id he have to rely on unwilling or uninterested neighboring help to click his sad face ,he could do it himself or herself anywhere and with anybody he favored

Selfies with celebrities became the rage and selfies in a crowd of happy friends was a delight

Selfies with varied landscapes during travel was an addiction

As the newer phones brought better quality of their front cameras with better resolutions and easier focusing, selfies are clicked in millions and posted to the cyber world in seconds

The art of selfie taking itself is still new and there has been no strict rules and commandments laid out so far

I would define the right selfie moment as below

The mechanics of a perfect selfie is that the click should be done at that nano second of the right expression adorning the selfed face and not in the penumbra  of anxiety before and after that single point in time …one could term this as Haris selfie commandment one

The wrong moment of taking selfies gives comic results

 Some appear as if they are crying with their face sad and dejected, others appear weird trying to look at the camera and looking away from it at the same time

Some try to fit in the back ground so well that they lose their own head or eyebrows or some other vital part

Some are angry and stare with a fury

celebrity selfies were made a rage by Obama taking time off a not very right occasion for taking selfies poor Nelson Mandela after having been incarcerated by the imperial powers for years and after getting freedom from the whites becomes a world celebrity only to die and have a fellow black celebrity leader gleefully clicking away with good looking presidents of other countries instead of crying his heart out Nelson would surely have squirmed wherever he was then

somebody else did squirm then and that was Obamas wife who was furious with her husband behaving like a juvenile whenever he saw a pretty face and like a school boy sitting in the back benches he with his new found face and another leader went about clicking selfies and the next thing we see is a sullen Obama shifting his seat away from the said beauty and a stern wife sitting in between with an expression of you come home for the rest

President of the US of A may be the mightiest man in the world but you know what happens when you are married at home you are just another married  mouse!

And then came the selfie stick

With this came further liberation the angles were better the anxieties were lesser and on could take better selfies

With remote buttons and more sophisticated sticks which shortened could be put  inside pockets and could be used as a weapon if needed

And so the selfie addict goes on clicking his way to glory

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