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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Apothecary film review

Malayalam film Apothecary ( drug man ) is a take against corporate hospitals and their squeezing the gullible s .
It is just one bunch of stupid lies taken by someone clearly biased and not serious enough to take a good medical film .
Its about a poor young man who reaches a posh hospital to see the famous neurologist enacted by Suresh Gopi who is portrayed as a mechanical physician who never bothers about his patients finances and is only interested in the medical part of it... ,while his hospital has at its helm a couple of greedy investors who force the doctors to become masked thieves and cheat the patients and force them into clinical trials so that a famous multinational company can make loads of money from the poor patients ,how convenient for keralas philosophy of the poor downtrodden s
the trials are depicted as night mares in the imagination of the director who caters to the crowd in Kerala who throw stones or manhandle doctors whenever they get an opportunity ,
maybe he should have taken Aamir khan as the hero instead of Jayasurya for Aamir with his constant diatribe against doctors in his TV show would have done it from his sodden soul .
The director tries to make it convincing by making the poor patient suffer from Trigeminal neuralgia which incidentally is a face innervating nerve inflamed
this condition is no death knell and its pain though severe can be treated in any good clinic but our director adds a tumor to it to make it serious and Dr Suresh Gopi advises surgery at the hospital with its astronomical costs which the poor family manages to get
there are scenes with a shaved Jayasurya waiting for the surgery which would make his family lose all money
Another scenario injected is clinical trials in the hospital where patients who cannot afford the bills are made to take part against their will and they suffer pain and torture so much so one of the characters even hides in freezers !
what imagination
clinical trials cannot be done without going through ethical committees in all hospitals private or government and these boards have non medical people in it too it also requires due consents from patients and families ,
the director should know that clinical trials are not area committee meets with paruppu vada and black tea

again most of the hospitals in Kerala in Government sectors are capable of handling all major surgeries free of cost or @ to income of patient so why did our patient not go there
the malayalee who falls into all quick money schemes always hesitates to take medical insurance with a small premium
instead of encouraging people to take health insurance and impart good facts the director makes it a melodramatic horror film with the medical men in it depicted as blood sucking vampires !
unadulterated rubbish

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Maddy said...

I thought it was a loose story as well, though jayasurya acted well

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