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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Third Kind

India has as its drivers three kinds of people .
The first kind are people who who mean well ,are patriots at heart ,those who are saddened by the path of our leaders ,this is a rare variety amongst leaders and politicians but there are a select few too but the large number of well meaning individuals who really dont have much of a say in things that matter like you and me make up this group .
The second kind is the Archetypal thick skinned machiavellian power holders selfish to the core ,this forms a great majority of our power mongers and decison makers be it from the executive ,legislative or sad to say even from the judiciary these days . This kind holds the key to power .
There is a third kind who incidentally are also the most harmful to our nation ,even worser than the second kind .
They are the so called intellectual class !
They bear labels like breast beaters of human rights ,fighters for the underdogs and antinuclear activists .
They have even distinct dress codes that proclaim thier individualities
mostly dressed in hoarse jubbas over jeans with gunny bags hanging from thier lean shoulders and hungry starved bodies with diskempt hair with most of the male speices amongst them growing beards . ( exeptions of neatly attired female specimens are there of course )
These enlightened beings are often seen illuminating international conferences declaring on the supposedly human right violations of the countryto all and sundry ,ruminating on depth on scholarly articles on any sort of development schemes accusing them of plunder and intentions to decimating tribals and thier livelihoods ,they swear on environmental awareness and ecological econdrums which caters to thier lablelled outlooks
They are feted and hosted by thier supporters and they serve to thier intrests and fantasies .
Thier kind regualry accuse security forces of rape and plunder while keeping strangely quite on terrorist inhumanities,they are ever silent on the incitements and infringements by our neighbouring enemies ,they exel in creating films ,and documentaries,for the small and big screens while writing novellas and columns on communal confagulations with thier one sided versions .
They delight in declaring to the world that India is a sad place for the minorites which is a blatant unturuth .
They conviniently and selectively ignore the wilful soul chasing and harvesting going on in a large scale in the country and the hoards of money coming across the shores for this purpose .
To this kind anything to do with the traditions and the heritage of the country even the name Bharath is an anamoly to be shunned .
Strangely it is these that are being studied in depth and adapted by many nations today due to thier inherent richness .
The designs of these self labelled righteous intellectuals are more machiavellian than even that of the relatively naive politician who sticks to lesser ideals of catering to his own self and his tribe .

Most of these individuals are distinctly leftist in thier leanings and have thier umblical cord melded in extinct philosophies .
To them communal events are mostly biased and one sided .
They argue for men who have maimed and slaughtered while never shedding a tear for the victims .
They fight against death sentences and jailing of these devils .

The recent Anna Hazare phenomenon in India was a watershed in its history as Gandhian thoughts won again with an upsurge of passions and support from the youth and the middle class spread by the beats of of technology ,
It was a movement of the people who were tired of the two other classes .
Strangely individuals of the pseudointellectual kind were also part of the bandwagon intially
They quitely moved away when Anna Hazare made a comment of appreciation of the Gujurat Chief Minister Modi as being worthy of emulation .
The pseudointellectuals just could not digest the praising of somebody who has been systematically demonised by them over the years even if the appreciation was for genuine causes .
Arundhati Roy who brought us pride with a Booker prize for her first novel has also disgusted many with her views ( at least me ) ,with her antinational comments and intellectual articles .

Kuldip nayar who regularly writes scholarly columns on Indias so called misdemaneours caters to a global audience a distorted version of reality .
The Medha Patkars Mallika Sarabhais and Shabana Azmis are the pirmma donnas of the third kind
They cause greater damage to our nation than the Amar Singhs ,Mayawatis and the Mulayam Yadavs do ,because they wear the guise of intellectualism and selflessness while professing thier distorted thinkings .
It is imperative for our progress that this kind be reformed or rejected forever before we even attempt to deal with the second malignant variety .

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Anonymous said...

The whole debate Hari when it comes to a great nation like India, is not who is RIGHT but who will be LEFT after the pseudointellects cruel ambitions.


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