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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Anna Hazare and his fight

India has earned the notoriety of being one of the most corrupt countries in the world .

As it celebrates its cricket world cup victory and its cricket heroes wallow in thier prize monies its ICC chief Sharad Pawar has agreed to step down from the select committee entitled to draft the Lok Pal bill in the parliament because he is tainted for corruption himself !

This is the misfortune of our country .

We have a democracy for the politicians (and bureacrats ) run by the politicians and to the politicians and them alone .

The thief is also given the key !

how convinient

Havent we all seen many scandals over the years

Havent we all read about many committees joint or otherwise

dont we all know about the many retired judges who have been resuscitated from rusting into oblivion by heading these comittees

how many volumes of thier reports are lying gathering dust in Government offices all over the country .

After the intial hustle and din most of the corrupt politicans get away scot free and reincarnate to thier old positions .

Many stand for elections even from jails which they win obviously by muscle and money and proclaim that the people have absolved them of any sins and continue to pilfer the nation more bravely .

Democracy the Indian kind my dear friend !

One fine example or is it poor example is the one seen in Kerala ,

The great literate state where every enlightened politically aware intelectuallistic subject dons his best washed and ironed cloth and with coiffured hair styles goes to vote on the D dayof every election without fail.

The old are carried the crippled and blind come with thier supports for the great elections are not to be missed

Only thing the malayaleee lacks is the power to reason ,

very convinient for the Malayalee politician

Like sheep most Kerala voters dictated by either thier religious or casteist compulsions on thier voting patterns ,many succumb to the sweet talks of thier leaders tainted or otherwise and follow them like rats behind the pied piper howling slogans ,

for them the party and its leaders are beyond any misdemanour

They fail to realise that old ideologies are dead and gone ,social changes have taken place and honest leaders are a rarity these days .

With two fronts coming to power in turns with no alternative in site The Kerala brand ploitician is smug with satisfaction

scandals ,scams ,being chummy with antinationals or dallying with call girls makes no difffernces for the voter

nothing can turn away thier beloved malayalee from continuing to support them and the third poor alternative is also a mess and has no life in Kerala

They havent shined in other states too except probably in Gujurat so not an alternative to think of in the far future .

Tamilnadu at least has the excuse of not being so literate and the masses doggedly follow thier leaders who offer them freebies like TV ,rice ,sarees and what not

The ignoromuses never realise it is thier money that is being used to buy these ! and the percentages go to the donors !

But at least Tamilnadu leaders manage to do lot of development work while they swindle

one should see the industries and excellent roads unlike in Kerala which depends on the oxygen of tourism and NRI incomes .

With even the army being tainted these days ,and the judiciary coming under a cloud what does the citizen do when he hears of his country being raped and plundered by these ghastly souls who calls themselves politicans ?

should one turn violent toting a gun and go on a rampage as in the movies

hardly the thing to do as in reality one would just disappear from the scene either to the jail or to the world beyond life

Should one join active politics as suggested often by politicians

no way

one would be nothing without muscle or money support in any election and no one can think his good intentions alone would get him or her into the elite circle that rules this country .

why is it that the Suresh Kalmadis Rajas,Mayawatis ,and Sharad Pawars continue to exist in spite of thier obvious guilt ?

it is because no one amongst thier political circles would dare to allow them to be indicted for they are hardly alone in the game ,while crores are being pocketed by the corrupt crores also go to fill the party coffers ,this is needed to finance thier election campaigns ,thier luxury lifestyles ,helicopter jaunts ,to pay for thier party underlings howling thier slogans to do thier biddings ,thier musclemen needed to kill or maim thier opponents their goondahs,bodygaurds chamchas or to pay the media to hear thier voices and spike other voices .

Every big party needs trillions for all this and no bucket or mug collection would suffice !

This is why the Rajas and Kalmadis are smug in thier attitudes they know none would dare to point thier fingers at them nor would anyone allow them to be the scapegoats unless some previous arrangements with adequate compensations made for the great feat of saving thier party honours made

The racket is huge and stinking

the cancer is overgrown and entwined into the fabric of the nations

the kalmadis and Rajas are only the symptoms

They are just the overflows

the slurry flowing out of the overfilled sewers .

Where do we turn now ?

Probabaly to Anna Hazre and his fight for the Lokpal bill

a beacon of light in this darkness .

He calls for the particiaption of the unelected and non executive in drafting the bill so that it has some teeth

The government nay the whole political establishment is opposed to this as it is thier livelihood at stake

We have seen the politicians always protect thier intrests with enthusiasm

havent you seen how pay rises for the elected are passed with no arguments

The Jantar Mantar happenings are the first whiff of a nation getting awake ,the youth are angry the people who want this country to come up are furious frustrated and want a change they want a check on these wretcheds who have been pilfering the nation as no enemy ever has

they have been swindling our crores and depositing it in foriegn banks for years ,it has been declared that Indian depositors have the biggest balances in swiss banks

the Banks were ready to reveal the nmaes of its depositors when asked but no one wanted to ask !

Isnt it high time we get away from these gang of thieves and give them what they deserve

The Anna Agitation is slowly and steadily getting stronger with the youth behind it ,every true Indian should be behind it I feel ,for this will make a small difference in our future

nay maybe a big differnce


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Deepa Menon said...

Well written article Hari.
-- I support Anna's fast-- for Lokpal Bill. We need accountability and fast... !
--- the way the public money is disappearing from the alarming !
Regards-- Deepa

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