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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Al Ain Garden city of UAE

It was the Vision of his highness Sheikh Zayed to have made AlAin his birthplace a city truly bestowed with the bounties of nature .

Today Al Ain is one of the most beautiful cities in the world filled with broad roads wide neat pavements ,aesthetic roundabouts and plenty of trees and filled with flowers .

One has to be amazed at the maintenance of this city with its extreme climates and no praise would be enough to the founding fathers and its rulers for creating a virtual paradise in a desert .

Al Ain means the eye in Arabic and it has been an oasis city for ages .

The authorities do not allow high rises here , to maintain its pristine relationship with nature and hence it is no concrete jungle , but at the same time ,it is behind no city in all modern amenities .

Iam proud and lucky to be a resident of this lovely place which to me will always be my second home .

The recent Al Ain flower show at Paradise Al Ain which got the coveted Guiness world record for maximum number of flowers in pots in any one place was a visual delight and this post is a pictorial on it .


Venkat said...

During the period Jan2007 to Feb2010, I have been frequenting AUH and DBX with fortnightly trips to Saudi via Bahrain. each trip used to last for betwen 2 to 3 months usually with the last one being the longest (Jan2009 to Feb2010 at Habshan off AUH). I have heard of Al Ain and it's beauty...Your pictures have confimed the claim!! Great job!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Yesterday as I was driving past the Adyar bridge, I was stunned by the setting sun...thankfully my camera was with me and I clicked a few snaps. Sending you what i consider the best of the lot!!

Sreedevi Payippat said...

Thanks for sharing the blog link.

umeshjairam said...

Nostalgic indeed. Recollecting the experience of travelling to Al Ain in Feb 2003. Apart from Al Ain being called as Garden City, it is also known as Farm City/Dairy City (Am I right?). A pix is worth 1000 words. Your snaps are nothing but the apt narration of the famous sayings.

I shall narrate to you (thru email) a very good experience we have had in Al Ain.

Reyhan Hashmey said...

These photos are absolutely amazing. Thanks for Sharing.
Do you have higher resolution copies?

Bindhu Karol said...

Dear Hari uncle, thnks 4 the beautiful splendid eyesoothing snaps..

P.K. nampoothiri said...

Dear Dr. Hari Mohan,

Went thro' the blog. The pictures - a real 'visual delight'. Soothing to the eyes. Calm and peaceful atmosphere. You are lucky to be a resident of this garden city.

I had occasion to visit the place once in 2002.

shyam said...

gr8 photos the show looks really beautiful. your 1st blog where u have used more pictures than words. Like they say a picture speaks a thousand words and the camera is mightier than the sword

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