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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peepli Live review

Aamir Khan is always associated with movies which arent run of the mill
This time he is only a producer and never shows up on screen .
" Peepli live "directed by former NDTV journo Anusha Rizvi focuses on rural India with so much reality that it sounds and looks more like a documentary than a commercial hindi film .
From the main actors to the rest of the cast it is authenticity taken to so much perfection that people who are not used to that world at times find it a bit unedible .

But then 70 % of India lies in its underbelly which is slimy and unslick . One cannot wish this away

The movie is all about farmers commiting suicide ,a nice take off not a serious exposition on the subject which makes it intresting .
Natha one of two brothers and the simpleton is drawn into committing suicide so that his family would get the compensation of one lakh offered by the Government for suiciding farmers !
The news of his plan gets out and the media is on his doorstep suddenly Natha becomes a celebrity and even his morning shit is breaking news !
With elections around the politicians too make thier pitch and the bureacrats present themselves to Natha with several schemes , the first one is a Lal Bahadur which incidentally is a huge green handpump which is placed in the middle of a room his small house but without any water connection ( typical of Government schemes which are a lot of show and only benifit the donors by way of contract scams in buying them in bulk )the film meanders along with Nathas impending death becoming a national conversation piece
In the end it all ends strangely with the pun on the media itself
I liked it because for one it exposes the reality but as an entertainment it would sadly fall

The satire is brilliant ,to me that was enough .

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