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Monday, August 23, 2010

onam pon onam

Onam pon Onam …Onam song by me …

Once upon a time my dear friends
There lived a king called Mahabali ,says legend
He was a wise man ,powerful ,handsome and fair
To find one like him it was very very rare Add Image

But the Devas got envious and all green
So they went to Lord Krishna with words so mean
Krishna knew their tricks but still went to Mahabali
Dressed as a humble dwarf Brahmin ,you see

He asked for just three foot of land
And did his magic again without a wand in his hand
He placed his two foots and took all worlds and the third  on the kings head not on the sand
So the king went down to moksha with no ceremony or band

Kerala ……, today still has its kings
After all it is Gods own land as everyone sings
They are mostly red but come in all colour
Some are good but most are an inborn terror
,and definitely an unmitigated error !

God placed his foot on the king that day
Todays kings do it too ,only it is the other way
They hypnotise mesmerise and incite with their speeches
At the same time they  suck us like leeches

Every other day the state of Kerala has a hartal
To many Malayalees it is great way to have a ball
Wherever you look there are bottles ,drunks and bars
The Mallu  needs his drink to make his wars

 The days of whisky and rum  are over
A tussle and fight and bars closed as one got clever 
so  long ques in the beverage outlet
in warm sunshine or rainy wet

 Back to the lorries of smuggled  spirit
and hooch distilled bit by bit
every road leads to Mahe straight
where for the glass one  dosn't wait

Zindabad zindabad ,nengide aykyam zindabad cry our millions
While terrorists ride   on pillions
Castes ,religions and  Gods are used to split  many
They come in hundreds  cheap as a penny…

Kerala has its mafia kings and goonda goons
Who cut  hands and heads into half moons
No industry or factory ever comes Keralas way
Are we fools to invest here they say ?

Known as the most literate state in the country
Full of hills rivers and green trees
Beautiful scenery and more beautiful women
To be out into the  top of the ten

But you see we are  doomed
Because of our petty politics  entombed
We have become a state stale and stinking
And like the Titanic we are sinking

Many amongst us fly out
by air as there are no more boats
mostly populating Arab lands
we work hard make money and buy lands

But in our own state we never work
we do all to laze and shirk
we are the only place in the world duly
that charges for work looking ...nokku cooly

Is there hope in the horizon ?
For a new Kerala for yours and my son
For them does the future hold any fun ?
Or should they also make a a fast run

Rise oh dear Mallu from your inebriation
Be aware that todays kings are spoiling the nation
Think like the genius you are man, not  like a mouse
The only way to go is to get awake and arouse

Give them the message this Onam ,hey you stop fooling
Don’t mess with me and  no more drooling
Rule me well and I will adore you all day and night
But make a fool of me  and I will fight

Let us become krishnas from today
Let us show our foot I say
This onam the Message is cut and clear
That is to become smart and slick my dear

Happy onam to all of you




Happy Onam. Am here after a longish time. Happy to see that your daughter has got into your Alma Mater. congrats to her.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading ypour poem. It is very very true. Our country is is torn apart due to bitter politics. We need to rustle ourselves up from our deep slumber.

harimohan said...

Tks Ms Muthukrishnan

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