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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wednesday film

When I was recently given a DVD of the film WEDNESDAY I had my own doubts ,used to hindi potboilers and having a low opinion on thier action thrillers i reluctantly sat down to watch what I though was one more of the kind .
I sat straight in a few minutes and till the end of the movie for it absorbed me every single minute ,it appealed to my senses and at the end I clapped for Neeraj Pandey the director ,for the sauve sophisticated actor called Nasserudin shah and Anupham Kher the brilliant actor he sparred with .
suffice to say it is all about five bombs being planted in the city ( mumbai you guessed it baby ) and the events that followed this .
Iam not stupid to reveal an iota of the plot for each and every on of you should experience the thrill that unfolds .
all i would mention is the histrionic capabilities of our actors .
Naseerudinn Shah with his flawless diction voice control that melds and minces and his stylised trained acting ,this can come out of only a veteran whatever be the role he takes !
Anupham Kher is another pillar in the movie as the police comissioner he is all restraint and full of concealed strength ( heard kamalahassan another of my favourites is doing the role with mohanlal yet another of my beloved actors is taking a tamil version of this movie )
the film progresses with no loose ends and is a tapestry of thrill keeping one on the edges ,and with a nail biting finish ( not that you have much left out to bite by the end ! )
so take my advice go for it
a trailer link given below


Anonymous said...

You can see this movie as Unnaipol Oruvan next week by Kamal Hasan in Nasirudeen shaw's role and Mohanlal as Police commissioner.

Unnaipol Oruvan

raj said...

i doubt 'unnaipol oruvan' can do justice to its original version as what happend to 'kuruthipunal' remake of govind nihalani's masterpiece 'drohkaal', again naseeruddin shah in the lead...!!

Ujwal Unni said...

I saw this film almost a year after its release. I never knew that a film by this name existed for so long. It is sad that such a good movie gets very little publicity in the mainstream cinema. Just bcoz a movie doesnt star a Commercially successful hero doesnt mean it is not a good cinema. This is a perfect example for that.
Amazing dialogues, i have'nt seen such a sensible movie in recent times. I hope Kamal and Mohanlal does justice in their tamil version.

dr_mkr_santharam said...

dear hari,

" wednesday " is a very nice flim,

a nice hindi flim which i saw very


i think kamal will do better !

let us see !


Meghna Nayar said...

So true, one of the very few good hindi films in today's times!Well scripted, great dialogues and some fabulous performances!

Kudos to the entire film team and yes, it's a pity the film never get any publicity it so deserved!

Maddy said...

yup - a great movie now coming out in tamil with kamal & mohanlal...

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