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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Scary Nites

This was when I was studying in Kilpauk Medical College Chennai for my MBBS .I used to stay just 2 Km away and used to walk home after college !

There was a short cut through the mortuary and in the evenings I used to take this route as it saved a short distance ,usually there was always a crowd outside the mortuary and inside some attenders would be there or even the Forensic surgeon at times ,they usually ignored students walking through the mortuary with thier white coats on thier shoulders .

Having got used to the anatomy labs by then the mortuary was just another place for us and one never associated anything scary there .

But one evening I sat in the library too long and when I reached the mortuary on my way back it was getting dark ,it was windy and had started to rain ,I rushed into the mortuary opened the door and went inside ,half way through the corridor I realised there wasnt a soul

( or was there ? ) in the place and my pulse was beating faster then ,it was too late to retreat as I had walked half way through my only fear was the gate at the road end was not locked so I walked fast


the power went out and the lights blonked ,at the same moment the door shut in the wind with a bang ,I was in total darkness with God knows who !

I still remebember the shiver that travelled up my spine it was chilling as if a hand had crept up my behind I dared not to look behind and screaming silently I pushed open the door to the outside corridor which would lead to the gate and wouldnt budge !!

I pushed it with my shoulders and I distinctly felt or heard a couple of footsteps behind me ,I felt something was running behind me to catch me

retrospectively thinking I am sure it was my fertile imagination that did the trick ,

my hands clawed the door for by now I knew it was bolted inside I reached up and found the bolt and brought it down with a cracking sound that sent a shock into my frightened self ,wordlesslly weeping i pushed the door open into the rain and ran into the gate which luckily was not locked I creaked it open and like an apparition myself popped out of the horror chamber wrenched in sweat which was washed by the rain

the next day morning seeing the mortuary in stark sunlight I laughed at myself but then that was the last time I used the shortcut !


Nebu said...

Couldn’t get sleep, got up and was checking mail,just the kind of story to read at midnight comes in. Great :)

harimohan said...

sure nebu always pleased to help

anas_conversationkiller said...

lmao......tht must b awsum experience.......but i love exploring spooky places....always got weird tastes.....wht to do this a problm???

Sadasiv Swain said...

Hari, I suggest you to join the creative writer's club of Paresh. Among all health care professionals, you deserve to be there.
One practical suggestion, never ask your daughter who is currently doing her MBBS from your college to cross through the same route at the same time.
Sadasiv Swain

raj said...
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raj said...

who knows perhaps it might be the junior student of the college ms premila who was running behind hari; loving souls always choose the common path!!

harimohan said...

mortuary hardly romantic dear raju

Ujwal Unni said...

beautiful narration. i cld jus feel the same fear that u might have felt that nite. reading thro' it i jus cldn't wait to know wht happ next

Raman Nambiar said...

What a time to check your blog... its 11:08pm. Going to sleep now... the good thing is that the place where I live doesnt have space of humans leave alone ghosts...

Meghna Nayar said...

Really well written. Could actually feel how frightened you would have been!!!!

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