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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gods own swamis

Gods own is teeming with swamis and swaminis these days ,multifarious speices with exotic labels surface every day and plush ashrams decorate our tv monitors
The Interpol swami alias Santosh Madhavan was the first one to be unearthed ,handsome with dark locks and a serene beard the cool facade of his demenour hiding facts and truths ,
his confesssions could but would never bring out the men and mice behind him ,for then the skeletons in the cupbboard of Keralas murky politicians and big officials would come tumbling down like the proverbial jack and jill .
So he would go down in history just as a swami who had his fun frolicking with teens in his palatial suites and recorded it for posterity and his slimy underbelly would go hidden and so would his supporters go unexposed .
The man knows this and is smug of the fact that he would be back in action before one could spell Amrita Chaitanya

The gun toting Ernakulam Swami himaval maheswara bhadrananda !!!!

( This guy has a sense of humour indeed ) shoots with his mouth while toting a pistol ,his wrambled dialogues resemble of someone talking in the fumes of marijuana ,his pandora box too would be securely closed to gaurd its contents while the channels replay his pistol antics in the police station where unifromed lawkeepers are all around him but never try to grab his pistol The prime time drama with commercial breaks are in all channels with a pistol shot as climax and the swami nursing his hand .

Chandran swami the clerky swami smiles beingnly as women fall on his feet and wait in que to do just that and then we now have an egg headed palaniswami denying accusations with a gentle smile and telling his interviwer "Swami never asks for all this but his devotees want to give what to do "?

To the minister for religion of Kerlala all this as a GOD given ( sic ) oppurtunity for his take off on swamis in general specially in Kerala ,cant blame him for that because he has enough reason to believe so and the man who has made hindu bashing his hobby was at his best as he prescribed a stake in the posterior for these swamis ( same sentiment arises in many of us for these politicans too )

With fakes masquerading everywhere the gullible fall prey ,if the minister is really sincere he should have a grading comitee which quitely asess the facts behind all religous institutions and try to seperate the wheat from chaffe ,no political connections should be a barrier to this exercise .
One is reminded of recent investigations against divine centre Chalakudy which was said to have revealed large hordes of antidepressants being used by priests to give to many pilgrims attending the sessions ,this was hushed up and a hue and cry made on intimidating minority run institutions .
It is also suspected that much goes behind religious activites in Kerala and much is conviniently hidden by the powers who expose only what they want to .
the unearthly silence of several politcal bigwigs in the present scenario rings the bell indeed .
Religious organisations which are genuine and serving people over time are marred by these accustaions as everyone is attempted to be put in the same basket .
For the powers that have been systematically undermining majority religion and its symbols this has come as a convinient and timely handle ,fair enough .
It is the responsibility of the Government to investigate religous organisations and grade them in total fairness to help the gullible from falling prey .

Swami Vivekanada called Kerala a lunatic asylum ,today it is not one but full of lunatic asylums


Maddy said...

what jokers - ellathinayeum thalli thol urikkanam..also the people who belived in him should be given at least one praharam each

Anonymous said...

The apostles of democracy decreed fair judgments after a trial as the beacon of a civilized democracy.Little am i back in understanding the dichotomy in the recent ramblings in the print and visual media incarcerating demigods designated as swamis.I still have not found any major channel parading any of the accused or even a cursory mention of the same- regarding the large number of unnatural demises in the premises of the halloween portals of Hysterical jamboree ie POTTA.A re we to assume that the followers of nabi are and never indulged in any vicarious sort of acts elevating them to the same status....Crazier is the thought that there no law maker ,enforcer anf the 4th estate were nubile and shaky over the organised looting of the Pastors. Why should we sit and face this indignity Aspade is a spade and let us call it like that and it is not the vote that matters

Anonymous said...

The Divine Retreat Centre at Muringoor is without doubt doing a great service by taking care of the old and the infirm especially the HIV positive and the terminally ill who have been shunned by all. However the practice of playing with the psychology of people by activating mass hysteria through high decibel praise and worship along with soul stirring devotional songs and the marketing of faith healing is deplorable.
Even Mother Theresa did not heal anyone with miracles in her lifetime; it would be better if the centre stick with humanitarian services.

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