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Sunday, June 17, 2007

shivaji the boss review of movie

Tamil films of MGR and Rajanikanth are known for thier first few shows ,it is an achievement when someone manages to see them ,with all the hyphe behind the latest blockbuster of the aging style king rajini getting into the first few shows even in relatively less turbulent cities like Kochi was a challenge .
Right contacts made us do just that and we saw the great movie of the century with an eighty crore budget ,labelled as the sixtieth year production of AVM productions who have been legendary in tamil tinselworld .
Above all it was a personal triumph for a fading superstar who commanded an astronomical sum of rupees twenty crores for this magnum opus .
For this money he wore not less than twenty wigs ,cavorted with a heroine who could be his grandaughter ,while blasting the villains in slow motion with superhuman computer generated stunts ,leaving his trade mark style statements and adding more to the kitty of such examples for his fans to hoarde and imitate .
But the man is talented ,of this there is no doubt for he takes you into the fantasy he enacts with such verve and elan that you forget your nitty gritties and escape into that cloud of pleasure that true entertainment brings .
Glimpses of a young and agile rajini of yesteryears make repeated appearances as he is groomed by imported French make up artistes ,mumbai based fashion designers and crystal clear picture clarity because of the excellent and state of the art digital photgraphy .
he is an excellent actor too in comedy scenes and his timing is perfect ( he could be used in so many character and comedy roles by good directors )his imitating shivaji ganesan MGR and kamalhassan in a song is just wonderful .
the songs are creativity shankar style with the tunes of A.R.Rahman ( but for one or two the rest needs to get used to as is usual with rehmans ),wonderful out of the world sets of Thotta tharani and fast stunts complete the picture .
The story is vintage Shankar who always packed a message with his films and made them a sucess too by sugar coating them .
Here too rajini is a rich software NRI who descend on the country with visions of free education and healthcare with his crores to th needy but soon finds things here arent so hunky dory and the country reeks of corruption ,he goes along only to be stumped by ace villain Suman ( he used to a dancing hero in the past and served a prison sentence for alleged offnces ) ,the later half finds our hero returing monte carlo isthyle with a bald head and acieving his visoin and destroying the evil .
Do see the movie but do keep away your prejudices and rationality in the cold stroage for three hours while you enjoy ........stylu styluthan rajini styluthan

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