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Thursday, June 21, 2007

poem of monsoon

Rains are like poems of nature wrapped in nostalgia as they bring the warmth of the earth to meld with the pregnant clouds
The aroma of the soil mingles with the wetness of the air and tingles our senses like the caress of a cool wind .
Come June and the sky darkens blotting the summer and its harsh sunlight ,spraying drops of rain touch us with thier delicate fingers leaving wet kisses while heralding the downpours with lightening and thunderous fireworks .
Dripping children wearing new uniforms trudging to their schools with heavily laden bags under colourful umbrellas from a picture post card of the monsoon .
Their gay laughters rise above the din of the spattering rains as they splosh through the water laden roads .Motor vehicles splatter them as they speed along the potholed roads .
The incessant rains drum relentlessly and their sounds are like background scores in the monsoon opera
The canopy of trees laden with water hang heavily to drip their diamond drops like with incessant regularity
Scattering insects ,wailing frogs ,chirping birds and flittering butterflies form the chorus to cheer the rains
The country is swathed liberally by the colour of green ,the paddy fields lie filled with muddy water ,swirling eddies mark flowing rivers ,laden ponds and filled wells mark its bounties
The mind is liberated in a sense of joy and jubilation as exitement harbringes the coming rains
The rains play hide and seek with the sun as both appear and disappear at their will conning men and women to venture into their warmths
by harimohan


priyanka said...

very nice touching to heart

priyanka said...

rythmic poem

Anonymous said...

not to good

aparna said...

its beautiful!

Sarvajeet said...

Its reality heart tuching words


manali patel said...

its just wonderful but not so poetic like RAIN RAIN GO AWAY COME AGAIN .............

hiren said...

I really liked your descriptions. they are so apt. i look forward to reading your blog often. all the best for making my heart leap with joy reading your poem.

Anonymous said...

nice poem
very touching

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it great thank you!!

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