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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Splitting to Survive :

Gujjars and Meenas are now known to all Indians for thier great clash of caste and clans.
Hinduism is rife with fissures of caste and driven by rituals and rigours .
Its core strangely is the antithesis of divisions and speaks of unity among all lving beings and the divine !
The acharyas and swamijis of this great religion should descend from thier lofty perches and educate thier subjects on the evils of caste and symbolic rituals.
Illitracy is an appropriate tool for the proponents of divisive drives as literacy is always the light at the end of the tunnel .
The hungry politician feeds on divisions to survive in secularism .
Reservations are a handy weapon to thier end .
Perpetuating casteism is the formula of thier sucess .
Caste conundrums and mandal reports are thier chankyan retort to majority unity .
When will the aam aadmi of our poor sodden country realise that they are being taken for a ride by thier leaders spiritual and political ?
when will they understand that they are being sacrificied like flies at thier altar of selfishness ?
When will we get a swami vivekananda to drum some sense into this lunatic asylum of our country ?
Can we look towards gen next for an answer ?


Dr.Gursharan said...

I think Hari,just like your favorite movie,it is a mad mad world.Our Country India is one of a kind ,as people were sleeping all this years,they then suddenly wake up and say oh!!we need this SC status for benefits.I wonder what this Gujjars were doing all this years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

harimohan said...

absolutely true gursharan

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