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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kabali movie review

Rajninikanth the superhero of Mollywood is a phenomenon ,having seen him grow from his first film I could write about him reasonably well .
Discovered by the legendary K Balachander this bus conductor turned film actor from the film institute was low key in the beginning enacting a bearded somber sad antihero in his first film Apporva ragangal in front of a shining Kamalahassan ,in the next Padinaru vayadhinille he burst into film world as a villain totally different from any seen earlier ,

we all those days still remember the swagger of his delivery idhepedi irruku  ? as his wily cunning mannerisms took to work with the sly grin ,these  would earn him a charisma to die for and to get labelled as the style king would surface right from then ,
slowly and steadily Rajinikant would metamorphose into a super hero and reach a peak not heard of much which he carries even to this day at the ripe age of sixty five though a few of his recent films hasn't done well in the box office ,

Rajinis charm never stopped with his films ,his off screen image as the man who was not bothered to patch up his appearance ,to  the large scale adulation not only in India but in countries like japan etc
rajnis movies are events and are multi million affairs a whole industry is built on his films and so when Rajni announced a new film with a one film wonder called P Ranjith it was a bit of a surprise ,it was said he moved away from his tried and tested directors like Mani ratnam ,Sankar etc to try out creativity fresh and  youthful
Ranjith had earlier taken  Madras a very popular film and it was said this movie was the reason for his being selected by the great Rajnini !
I  did see the movie Madras and was suitably unimpressed as it was just another confused Chennai based film with countless youngsters getting drunk falling to girls or stalking them and finally getting into fights with street dances thrown in ,i found no spark of creativity
 in fact I started wondering how could anyone seeing this film take up its creator and I was proved right after seeing kabali
After so much hyphe and build up the movie I feel is dismal ,
poor script ,sad screenplay ,confused director who appears bewildered that he was made to take a movie of this order and did not know what to do and tried to make a copy of his previous one adulated about ( wonder for what ) with almost all the crew of his precious film

Rajinikanth the win win package of the film industry could be called the saving grace of the film in spite of his age ,he to a small extent does continue his swagger and his style to impress though he does look jaded and aged and a bit slow too
He definitely cannot continue this for long even with the best wigs in town !

Its all about an underworld don in Kuala lumpur ,Malaysia out to save the local Tamils getting released from  a 20 year prison sentence and like the legendary phoenix dusting off his past to get back at this perpetrators ,in the process he discovers he has a daughter who now is a skilled sharpshooter and much in demand in the udnerworld and also finds out his  dead wife was still alive in Pondicherry where our man flies in Air Asia ( Air Asia painted a plane for the movie publicity  )and gets her back strangely the wife seems not to have aged a bit and looks just the same as she was twenty years back Radhika Apte does an excellent job in spite of the director !!

then followed a litany of violent orgies in Malaysia and some in Bangkok where a confusing  number of villains in several garbs with one wearing obscene jewelry with a china man added for safety's sake ,
A lot of kuala lumpur is shown in excellent shots but then if only that was there at least it would have been a god documentary
Santosh Narayanan the music director should also have been in a trance after creating the one epic piece of welcome music when the don returns which has become catchy ,after this rhyme  he goes into a cocoon losing whatever talent he has to produce noises  !

with Rajini around fights are a must the fights but here that too wasnt  much to write about .
 even old malayalam films like idha ivide vare had more authentic ones ,not to talk of the many neweer films in all languages

The theme was a good one and Rajni could still have hit off as an new Brandon in a Godfather like film but for that  we needed a good story teller to create a good symphony from a bad story one needs a good director

the story lost its life by intermission and viewers were getting fidgety
post intermission it was a long short haul of endless shootouts and exhausted actors and disappointed viewers

Neruppuda ( that means I am fire )was the great catch phrase
sorry this was more like cheruppuda ( sipper thrown on viewers )

Rajni sir

please select a good man to direct your films the next time

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