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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Doctor bashing

Doctor bashing seems to be the latest of fads in India ,with the media and the law and the political leadership giving no support doctors do a thankless job with inadequately maintained hospitals and suffer from wrath of patients and their families who are spurred on by anti social elements .
Kerala a state where people call themselves literate but are silent against labor terrorism like Attimari and Nokkuooli namely blackmail by thugs on unloading and getting paid for looking at jobs ,both illegal ,but the people of the state who do not dare to whisper against such absurdities because they are cowards know that they can vent their fury on doctors who do their job sincerely .

Recently one more doctor who was brought a patient with chest pain and who gave him first aid  in his small set up and referred him to a higher center to be managed , faced the wrath of an unruly crowd ,when the patient died of his medical condition and no fault of the doctor ,the crowd bashed him destroyed his house and clinic and barred him inside the house for more than six hours and no law enforcing agency helped him till the IMA and other medical officer associations demanded justice to higher authorities ,the media too ignored the incident as none of the TV channels covered it much.
After threat of a strike by the IMA the police finally arrested by the perpetrators 
why should doctors be indebted to a society which treats them like this ? 

A society which has faith in illiterates who say vaccines are bad for health and consequent deaths of little children with Diphtheria and one doctor who herself got infected recently.
A society which believes in quacks and alternate medicines and relies on spurious supplements made by charlatans and has no question to ask them when they realize that they  have been duped by them as they land up in renal failure and other complications and run to the modern medical doctors for succor .

what kind of reaction does one expect from this indignant community treated so shabbily ?

one immediately gets answers like 
are you saying all doctors are above board ? is there no medical negligence ?
 nobody can vouch for those things as there could be many such instances but there are procedures of respite for all such cases ,taking over the law by anti socials is not the answer !

why are the political leaders who grace most association functions to give their lengthy speeches not uttering a word against this gross injustice ?

why is the media so silent ?

why are the people who benefit from the expertise and hard work of doctors against all odds expect doctors to be self sacrificing when they bash up doctors for any death or complications which are very common in medical practice !

its high time the medical associations took this very seriously and stopped all work and demanded they be given protection if they have to work and stop calling politicians to grace their functions till they support their cause .

The associations also have to legally move the courts which has been fair to the medical community always .

The associations also need to start a campaign that the community will not keep quiet anymore if their members are harassed like this ,they need to meet the local police officers and higher ups and get assurances on what action will be taken in case of such emergencies ?
Its not a question of whether there is medical negligence or not ,it is a question of people taking justice into their own hands when avenues for complaints against doctors like consumer courts or even civil or criminal case filings exist ,
if people who are naturally docile when it comes to corrupt politicians bureaucrats are able to do do anything they want with doctors it is the failure of the government to protect its subjects the medical profession and if the Government does not care for that then the medical community should also stop doing anything extra for the society till they learn their lesson ,

so the medical associations should consider this as an important agenda more than their CME and local functions as anyone of them could suffer this fate any time so they need to unite and stand firm at this juncture
doctors standing alone cannot be expected to fight this on thier own steam

Dr Harimohan

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