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Monday, April 20, 2015


Romance and Love is an emotion that can touch one at any age
When young its as fresh as a just budded flower while as one ages its mellowed like fine wine .
Creativitiy has always expressed love as the finest among its creations and films too are no exception
Movies like Maro Charitra.Bobby.and several others have tingled the fine nerves of love
Maniratnam the ace Director always comes up with a winner after a couple of flops
This time his new film Ok Kanmani is an all time winner .
Be it in the melding of the lead pair Dulqar Salman and Nitya menon whose love had the freshness and sweet naivety
Prakash Raj and ms Samson were the older pair of love birds and the slow Alzeimers  that ate into his wifes brain
The young couple who had a live in relationship goes through a crisis involving thier older counterparts and so realise thier folly in thier short vision of love
The film had a feel of Titanic where the audience love the chirpy lovebirds
Worth seeing

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Tom said...

I loved the movie as well. My review

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