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Friday, April 24, 2015

looking fees

Looking coolies
Nokku in malayalam is to look
now this can be used in several situations like for example an yesteryear wife may never call her husband by name but mostly as Nokkoo
when it comes to teenage boys brimming with hormones eda nokkada means look at that beauty !
There was a movie by name Nokkathadoorathe kannum nattu where veteran actress Padmini acted with debut Nadia Moidu and a young Mohanlal,it also had memorable songs by Jerry Amaldev the talented music Director
But to the malayalee Nokku is something else
in fact he prefers not to look at that
the only place in the world where one has to pay a charge to a laborer for his looking at a job ! should be this Stalins own country !
you can call it by any name
 labour terrorism is reasonably apt
no court indictments or law has till today  been able to touch this ignominy of the state
Nokku coolie means the coolie or fee paid for looking
most streets in cities of Kerala have these small shacks where colorfully head geared blue or red shirts worn according to their affiliations lay waiting for their prey .
Any laden lorry or small truck is waylaid and demanded to know what trier purpose Any packing or unpacking of goods in that region is dutifully supervised by them These days they allow the work to be done by others at economic rates as long as they get their demanded cut as nokku coolie
they then relax and lean on a tree light up a beedi and watch the work or rather look at the work
At times some expert suggestions are given as to how people should go about their jobs of unloading and loading probably getting nostalgic of their hardier days when they had to work
After a couple of teas and gazing inanimatedly they get up to recieve thier nokku coolie and are on thier way to catch the next victim
recently a foriegn terracota sculptor who needed to pack his creations after a show  in Cochin found this so absurd and he refused to partake his money for the rubbish and instead destroyed his creations breaking them like the Bamiyan statues but the nokku coolie veterans watched all this benignly and so did the law  !
the nooku koolans  had seen all this and more and they go about doing their job of looking and getting paid for it !
how nice

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