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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Knowledge is Great

Knowledge is broadening to the mind beyond barriers of age or space it  can grow and be empowered at any time ,every input into the brain adds to its wisdom .
To me a physician by profession 55 years of age and committed to my specialty of Medical oncology knowledge broadens my professional skills and is more of a necessity rather  than a luxury .
Medical oncology today has progressed beyond beliefs ,from ten percent five year survival the yardstick used in cancer field it has grown to an astounding 70 percent or even more !
the paradigm changes that have swept oncology as a science is closely related to the discoveries in pure science in all its fields be it in Medical Genetics ,technology ,engineering  or biochemical advances and also consequent  progress in skills .
Molecular medicine and nano delivery of drugs have made oncology a specialty of hope 
but the goal of cure a for cancer  is still difficult to achieve in the present situation 
 Cancer could  become a lifestyle disease like Diabetes Mellitus or hypertension where one lives with it under control rather than curing it once for all .
to any practicing oncologist the world is a classroom with online sources available over a click there is immense material available for him ,the latest research papers published can be at his table ,he is aware of things happening by attending medical conferences regular continuing medical educations is now mandatory to many nations are a boon to his knowledge acquisition .
but all this pales into insignificance  before a full time live course ,there is nothing to beat studying and working in a reputed oncology center under professors and imbibing from the very best .
In today's oncology United kingdom definitely is considered as such a place where knife edge research is happening and many clinical trials are ongoing  ,many of the path breaking discoveries and molecules have sprung from this country .
It would be my ardent desire to work in such a center and learn and do a post graduate course in such an atmosphere to improve my knowledge and increase my skills so that it can contribute to my commitment to my patients .
to me being fifty five is not a barrier at all as my mind is sharp and rearing to learn more with my rich clinical experience and awareness of the intricacies of my profession every input is savored better and adds to my knowledge .
this would be my dream to do a full time course in medical oncology in the United kingdom .

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