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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Does he Know a Mothers Heart by Arun Shourie Book Review

Arun Shouries "Does He know a mothers Heart ....."
Economist ,Former minister ,MP ,scholar , Editor of the Indian express ,senior journalist ,and author of several books has written this book which I completed today .
Arun shourie and his wife Ms Anita Shourie have only one child who is afflicted with Spasticity ,in this book he recounts the travails of a parent with such a child ,his wife too suffers from parkinsonism .
One really is astounded at the amount of work in the several careers he had donned over the years in spite of all his personal problems .
The book is his  introspection on major scriptures of all religions  in his trying to understand  the travails he and his family have to go through and also on suffering and its cause .
His deep insights and scholarly research into the intricate depths of philosophical treasties is a heavy read at times but it’s a condensed gist that excudes the flavour of varied thoughts and his take on them .

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