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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Salusaritha syndrome

Kerala today is afflicted with S Syndrome
Syndrome in medical parlance is a type of illness with unique symptoms and signs
This  recently discovered sickness has as its aetiopathogenesis ( cause ) neither an infective nor an autoimmune cause .
The  pathognomnic feutures includes scandals revolving around names starting with S .
Of course this does not imply that the said syndrome includes all those with names that start with S .
Three prominent S in this endemic  are saritha shalu menon and of course sreesanth .
Sreesanths  signs and symptoms are in a state of  spontaneous remission ( self curing ) .
kerala state and its inhabitants are particulary prone to this type of endemic as its subjects are known to always fall for short cuts ( manchiyam ,goat ,teak ,solar and so many quick money making methods are examples ) to become rich ,just like they keep voting for the same bunch of cheats even though literate they successively fall for recurrent scams
The immediate  consequences of the S syndrome is  diversion of attention from normaly addictive habits of the Mallu like standing for hours in beverage supply shops patiently or tucking into beef parottta in early morning hours to crying zindabad without knowing the reason to an almost zombie like  maniacal addiction to the small screen where the main causative agents of the syndrome are often seen
The recurrent scrolling of dialled and recieved calls in all male mobile phones of Kerala to see whether they had been   called or  had    recieved calls from the two S s are also inherent to this syndrome
this syndrome is highly photosensitive
 solar power gives shine to this syndrome
The humble elected representatives of the humble Kerala assembly  are all in an S mode they either say yes to the question did u call saritha or shalu or say
 yes I never did that

There is no particular antidote at present known to S syndrome but time is a great healer of such syndromes

All will be back to normal so will sarita and salu menon and beverage ques will go long again

so much for the s syndrome 

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Bipin said...

I am unfortunate I didn't get a call of Saritha not even an SMS! The craze for money makes people go after fraudsters. People have no alternative other than choosing one of these cheats in elections. Why can't we ask for President's rule?

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